SYDCP Implementation Checklist


High School Partner

Residency Program

Other programs sending instructors

3+ months prior to start date

  •  ☐ Identify 8 weeks when the class will be meeting. Coordinate with residency contact to make sure times/dates align and determine if will be meeting via Zoom or in-person or hybrid

  ☐ Block residents’ calendars for the 8 weeks of classes, ideally 2 hours (1 hour to prepare and 1 hour to teach), ideally two residents per class (one senior resident and one intern)

  ☐ Identify pool of instructors and recruit them to teach, ideally two per class.  This ensures continuity should one be unable to attend.

2 months prior to start date

 ☐ Recruit students to participate. See attached form for sample recruitment form. Best to collect in a Google form so you can then use the spreadsheet to keep track of students’ contact information, attendance, homework, etc.

 ☐ Share teaching materials with residents including introductory video, PowerPoint Slides.


1 week prior to start date

 ☐ Send reminder to students via e-mail

☐ Send pre-test survey to students (can be in the same email as reminder), letting them know pretest should be done prior to first class

 ☐ Send pre-test survey to residents, if applicable

 ☐ Share teaching materials with instructors including the information on the SYDCP website.  Make sure that each knows how to use PowerPoint on Zoom.

Day before each class x 8 weeks

 ☐ Send e-mail of homework reminder and class reminder to students

 ☐ Send e-mail of link to class residents will be teaching and information of how to log in or arrive at school (this also can be sent at the beginning of the program to all residents who will be teaching)  Make sure that they download the PowerPoint presentation prior to class.

 ☐ Send e-mail of link to class PowerPoint and information on how to log in or arrive at school.  Make sure that the instructor downloads the link prior to class.

Weekly after each class x 8 weeks

 ☐ Track attendance at each class

 ☐ Track homework at each class

 ☐ Get resident feedback about the slides and teaching materials and send to SYDCP team

 ☐ Provide links to post-intervention surveys for instructors if applicable.

Day of the last class

 ☐ Collect post-test survey from students at the last class before students leave.

 ☐ Collect post-test survey from residents if applicable


1 week after program concludes

 ☐ Send certificate of completion to students who have completed all homework assignments AND pre and post test surveys