Data Inventories

Access to Stanford clinical data for research requires both Research Compliance Office (IRB) and University Privacy Office approval.

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  • STARR Multiple Data Types
  • Clinical Ancillary System Data

STARR Multiple Data Types

STARR provides access to an expanding set of structured and unstructured, raw, and “analysis-ready” hospital data sources, and is growing to support AI use cases. The STARR data lake includes Epic Clarity, HL7, PACS radiology, and other data sources.


STARR-OMOP is an analytical data warehouse supporting data scientists who have familiarity with data science techniques like SQL, Python/R and Jupyter Notebooks, or who wish to develop those skills. OMOP is a common data model, so learning OMOP takes you beyond the idiosyncrasies of Stanford EHR.

Clinical Ancillary System Data

Research IT partners with the Research Informatics Center (RIC) to bring clinical ancillary non-Epic data to the Stanford Medicine research community, including providing the status of data availability for research.