Research Informatics Consultation Data Services

The RIC offers clinical informatics service to Stanford School of Medicine researchers interested in obtaining clinical data access and navigating complex regulatory issues, such as HIPAA and IRB compliance.

How it Works

RIC consultants will review the clinical data needs of your research project and provide advice on requesting IRB approval to obtain clinical data from the STARR Clinical Data Warehouse. Then we’ll offer options for clinical data abstraction, reporting, and storage to meet your research needs. We also offer data analysis services for clinical and academic researchers.

When to Contact Us

We encourage researchers to contact us as early as possible in the design phase of a research project and preferably well in advance of IRB submission. See the Quick Start Guide for further details.


To obtain clinical data for any purpose from RIC, each person working with the data must have signed an online attestation of acceptance of their data security and privacy obligations.

To obtain Protected Health Information (PHI) from RIC you must have an approved research protocol that clearly documents all elements of PHI being requested.

When requesting re-identification of a de-identified data set we ask that you supply us with the year of birth along with the study ID for patient identity verification purposes.

Please note that Epic is only approved for clinical care. With rare exceptions data for research purposes must be obtained through Stanford Research Data Repository (STARR), which contains a one-day-old copy of Epic data.

Attestation Forms

Before provisioning either data review cohorts for online review or delivering data extracted from the clinical record for research purposes we require the researcher to complete an online attestation form. Please refer to the STARR Tools Compliance Processes page for further information.