Project ECHO Type 1 Diabetes

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Project ECHO Type 1 Diabetes


Access to endocrinologists for people with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) is challenging for many people across the United States. Stanford University is looking for primary care providers who give care to those with T1D to complete a survey and adult participants (age 18 and over) who have been diagnosed with T1D who only see an endocrinologist once a year or a primary care provider for T1D needs to participate in a focus group. Adult participants may be asked to come to a one to two hour long focus group with about 5-9 other adults with T1D to discuss experiences in their diabetes care.

Inclusion Criteria

  • PCPs: Licensed Provider in the State of California
  • Adults (18+) with T1D: T1D Diagnosis and not routinely seeing a specialist for their diabetes care

Exclusion Criteria

  • PCPs: N/A
  • Adults (18+) with T1D: Not interested in participating

More Info

If you're interested in learning more about this study, please reach out to the project staff listed on the right. You may also visit Project ECHO's website for additional information.

Project Contacts

Research Nurse:

Marissa Town

Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator:

Katarina Yabut

(650) 497-4793

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