Scholarly Activity

Dedicated time for scholarly work will be provided during the fellowship. The fellow will have opportunities to collaborate with the Gender Medicine faculty on their current research projects. We encourage presenting at various national and international conferences.

Hawai'i Gender-ECHO

Using an adapted ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) model, the Hawai'i Gender ECHO Program (G-ECHO) is working to cultivate connections with providers in the community and offer ongoing learning opportunities for professionals and community organiazations who work with transgender and mahu youth.

Selected Publications

Fertility preservation in transgender and non-binary adolescents and young adults by Holly C. Cooper, Jin Long, Tandy Aye. 

Perceptions of Support Among Transgender and Gender-Expansive Adolescents and Their Parents by Arthur E. Hale, Solana Y. Chertow, Yingjie Weng, Andrea Tabuenca, Tandy Aye. 

Review of Implant Gonadotrophin-Releasing Hormone Agonist Use: Experience in a Single Academic Center by Jennifer Ni, Carolyn Chi, Tandy Aye. 

Eating Disorder Screening in Transgender Youth by Jonathan T. Avila, Neville H. Golden, Tandy Aye.