Fellow Education

In addition to clinic-based learning the fellow will participate in weekly case conferences and didactics with the divisions as well as the gender team. There will also be an opportunity to conduct scholarly work. 

Learning objectives:

The advance fellow’s main clinical experience will be in the Gender Clinic where they will: 

  • Learn how to evaluate young people at all ages and stages of their gender journey in seeking medical and surgical gender affirming care. 
  • Learn how to initiate and manage gender affirmation care  understand the needs for advocacy and health equity in gender affirmation care


During each of the subspecialty rotation (ie psychology, gynecology, plastics surgery, etc), the advance fellow will 

  • Understand the role of that subspecialty in gender affirmation care

  • Understand the evaluation process involved in the gender affirmation care for that subspecialty

  • Gain exposure to the common behavioral, medical and surgical therapies and procedures involved in gender affirmation care related to that subspecialty

  • Provide basic counseling related to other subspecialty care referrals  

  • Know the indications for the various interventions offered by that subspecialty related to gender affirmation care


Milestone 2.0 for the initial pediatric subspecialty will be used every 6 months to evaluate the advance fellow.