Stanford University

Our lab takes advantage of the rich environment for infectious diseases and human immunology at Stanford, and Dr. Jagannathan is a member of both the Immunology Program and a faculty member in Microbiology and Immunology.

His lab has ongoing collaborations with investigators in Microbiology and Immunology (Bali Pulendran, Taia Wang, Catherine Blish, Yueh-hsiu Chien, PJ Utz, David Schneider), the Institute for Immunity, Transplantation, and Infection (Mark DavisPurvesh Khatri), the Department of Genetics (William Greenleaf), and Infectious Diseases and Geographic Medicine (Upi Singh, Julie Parsonnet, Jason Andrews).

Infectious Diseases Research
Collaboration, Uganda

We maintain a longstanding collaboration with Ugandan colleagues including Professor Moses Kamya, Dr. Joaniter Nankabirwa, Dr. Abel Kakuru, and Dr. Isaac Ssewanyana through the Infectious Diseases Research collaboration (IDRC).  

IDRC is based in Kampala, Uganda and maintains active field sites across the country.  We have been working with IDRC to study the development of naturally acquired immunity to malaria, and the impact of malaria control interventions on that immunity, in their field sites in Tororo and Busia, Uganda. We are also a collaborating member of the East African International Centers of Excellence in Malaria Research. 

University of California,
San Francisco

We work closely with investigators at UCSF on a variety of projects related to malaria control and pathogenesis, including Drs. Grant Dorsey, Stephanie GawBryan Greenhouse, Isabel Rodriguez-Barrequer, Margaret Feeney, and Phil Rosenthal

Queensland Institute
of Medical Research, Berghoger

We collaborate with Dr. Michelle Boyle at QIMR Berghofer to study immune responses to malaria leveraging novel controlled human malaria infection experimental models.

Manhiça Health Research Centre

We have recently started a collaboration with Dr. Alfredo Mayor and Dr. Pedro Aide studying determinants of asymptomatic parasitemia in Mozambique.

Karolinska Institutet

We are collaborating with Dr. Petter Brodin as part of the MIC-DroP clinical trial.