Agency-Wide Training

Training, and ongoing consultation, is available for agencies who want to train staff in formulation driven CBTp, CBTp informed skills or a combination of the two approaches. Training modules can be tailored to the needs of the agency. We offer two models of training:

Preparing for Training in CBTp or CBTp-Informed Interventions

Both of these training models include an initial training preparation period that involves consultation with key stakeholders to ensure that the training materials fit the needs of the service and clinicians. During this consultation different potential modules will be discussed and incorporated into the training plan as needed. For example, modules may include:

  • Review of basic CBT skills

  • Working with anxiety and depression

  • Attenuated psychotic symptoms

  • Incorporating families into treatment

  • Addressing trauma

  • Working with systematized delusions

  • Team based formulation

  • Group CBTp approaches

It is important that clinicians who are engaged in the training are aware of the time and clinical commitment to the training. We can assist with discussions regarding organizational readiness and identification of appropriate staff members to participate in the training to ensure training is utilized in an effective manner.

Example Scenarios for Training in the Different Models

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