CBTp Training

What is CBTp?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for psychosis (CBTp) was initially developed as an individual treatment, and later as a group based intervention, to reduce the distress associated with the symptoms of psychosis and to improve functioning. Studies have demonstrated that CBTp can result in decreased positive symptoms, improvement in negative symptoms, and improved functioning (Wykes et al 2008; Burns et al, 2014; Turner et al, 2014, van der Gaag, Valmaggia & Smit, 2014).

In addition, there is evidence to suggest CBTp can be effective in preventing, or delaying, the transition to full psychosis when used with individuals identified as being at risk of developing psychosis (Stafford et al, 2013). From these studies CBTp has emerged as an evidence based intervention recommended as an adjunct to medication management (Dixon et al, 2009; NICE 2013; NICE 2014).

Training in CBTp is available for agencies or for individual practitioners:

We also offer Foundations in CBTp workshops:

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