Class of 2027

Janae Chatmon, MD, MPH

Hometown: Oakland, California

Why I chose Stanford PM&R: Supportive and welcoming culture among residents and faculty, strong and well-balanced inpatient and outpatient training, and the opportunity to serve diverse patient populations throughout the Bay Area.

Undergraduate Education: University of Southern California

Medical School: UCLA/Drew PRIME-LA (Leadership and Advocacy) Program, a five-year MD/Masters program for those interested in healthcare, research, or community work to promote health equity

Internship: Santa Clara Valley Medical Center

Professional Interests:  General Rehab, Headache, Cancer Rehab, Neuro Rehab, Public Health 

Personal Interests: hiking, faith, running, board games, traveling, tacos, movies

Justin Chau, MD

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Why I chose Stanford PM&R: Diverse training in all areas of rehabilitation medicine, especially sports, spine, and regenerative medicine. Abundant opportunities for sports coverage, research, and procedural experience. Proximity to friends and family. Stanford PM&R just felt like home when I did my away rotation here!

Undergraduate Education: University of California, San Diego

Medical School: Georgetown University School of Medicine

Internship: Mount Sinai Morningside/West

Professional Interests: General Rehab, Sports, Interventional Spine, Pain, Regenerative Medicine, Ultrasound, Medical Education

Personal Interests: Basketball, Hypertrophy/Strength Training, Snowboarding, Coffee/Matcha

Fun Facts: I have a French Bulldog named Apollo!

Sean Fox, MD

Hometown: Louisville, CO

Why I chose Stanford PM&R: Wealth of training and research opportunities, brilliant and down-to-earth faculty and residents, exciting new location to explore

Undergraduate Education: University of Colorado Boulder

Medical School:  University of Vermont

Internship: University of California, Irvine

Professional Interests: MSK/Sports Medicine, Interventional Pain, Adaptive Sports, Concussion, Ultrasound

Personal Interests: Skiing, mountain biking, outdoor adventures with my wife and our dog,  hiking with the obligatory post-hike brewery 

Fun Facts: I worked as a language and behavior therapist and personal trainer prior to medical school.

Peyton Miles, MD

Hometown: Knoxville, TN

Why I chose Stanford PM&R: I chose Stanford PM&R because of the people. During my interview day and meet and greet the night before, everyone was extremely welcoming and personable. The resources at Stanford are abundant and provide the opportunity for a very well-rounded education. Finally, the Bay Area and the innumerable options for things to do outside of clinic/hospital. 

Undergraduate Education: University of Tennessee-Knoxville 

Medical School: University of Tennessee Health Science Center - College of Medicine 

Internship: Baptist Memorial Hospital - DeSoto 

Professional Interests: Longevity, MSK, SCI, Interventional Pain 

Personal Interests: Weightlifting, any activity with my wife and our dog Juniper, learning Farsi, reading 

Fun Facts: I am named after Peyton Manning

Chetan Potu, MD

Hometown: Cupertino, California

Why I chose Stanford PM&R: I chose Stanford PM&R because of the supportive community that I felt when rotating as a medical student. The faculty was strongly invested in training the residents and the residents were dedicated to helping each other provide excellent patient care. Coupled with Stanford's dedication to innovation and living in the sunny Bay Area, I could not be more excited to be a part of Stanford PM&R!

Undergraduate Education: University of California, San Diego

Medical School: Renaissance School of Medicine at Stony Brook University

Internship: Santa Clara Valley Medical Center

Professional Interests: Sports Medicine, Traumatic Brain Injury

Personal Interests: Hiking, snowboarding, basketball, badminton, watching thriller TV shows, hanging out with my niece!

Fun Facts: I've competed in two World University Games representing the U.S. in badminton.

Vinod Rajakumar, MD

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Why I chose Stanford PM&R: I chose Stanford for the well-rounded training, fantastic academic opportunities, and great weather. I did an away rotation here as a medical student and really enjoyed my experience.

Undergraduate Education: University of Pittsburgh

Medical School: University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Internship: WellStar Kennestone Transitional Year

Professional Interests: Amputation/limb loss rehab, MSK, ultrasound, medical education

Personal Interests: basketball, swimming, camping, woodworking, anything outdoors

Fun Facts: Last year I watched 150 movies in theatres! 

Brijesh Sharma, DO

Hometown: Fremont, CA

Why I chose Stanford PM&R: I chose Stanford because of the program’s comprehensive training with a focus on innovation, the diverse patient population, and the close-knit culture between the residents and faculty. As a visiting medical student, I was thrilled to see the impact Stanford has on the local community, and it is a true honor for me to come back and serve the community I call home.  

Undergraduate Education: University of California, Irvine

Medical School: Western University of Health Sciences/College of Osteopathic Medicine  

Internship: University of California, Irvine

Professional Interests: Neurorehabilitation, Regenerative Medicine, Public Health and health education, Interventional Pain

Personal Interests: Food, Boba, traveling and visiting national parks 

Fun Facts: I have a pomsky named Akela!