Class of 2021

Rohit Jayakar, MD

Hometown: Los Altos, CA

Why I Chose Stanford PM&R:   I chose PM&R as my interests lie in neuromusculoskeletal injuries and maximizing functionality. When I rotated at Stanford PM&R, I was extremely impressed with the exceptional well-rounded training and passionate, supportive faculty who are leaders in their field—I knew I would be well prepared to pursue any field within PM&R. The residents were extraordinary yet down-to-earth, and felt comfortable going straight into practice if they chose. Given the strong reputation of the program, the abundance of cutting-edge research opportunities, happy residents, and the location in my hometown, Stanford was the obvious choice for me.

Undergraduate Education:  University of Southern California

Medical School: David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA

Internship: Kaiser Permanente, Santa Clara

Professional Interests: Sports Medicine, Spine, Interventional Pain

Personal Interests: travel, food/exploring new restaurants, outdoor activities (hiking, biking, spikeball!), tennis, basketball, strength/conditioning, spending time with family and friends

Fun Fact: I have travelled to 6 continents and over 40 countries, 25 of which were during medical school!

What’s next: Private Practice at Silicon Valley Sports and Spine: In the chapter ahead, I am looking forward to facing the new challenges of private practice.  Practice focus will be in musculoskeletal and electrodiagnostic medicine.

Anthony Kenrick, MD

Hometown:  Phoenix, Arizona

Why I Chose Stanford PM&R:  I was looking for a program that would provide an excellent education in all facets of rehab while allowing me to practice with independence and develop my own style as a physiatrist.  The world-class faculty and staff, patient population, and the opportunities available at Stanford afford that and more. I was able to rotate at Stanford and I fell in love with the program then.  The residents were excellent and very clearly well-trained, the staff was brilliant and always happy to teach, and everyone seemed genuinely happy and to have high professional satisfaction.  The Bay Area is an amazing place to live with so many opportunities to explore beautiful nature, rich culture, and endless entertainment

Undergraduate Education: University of Arizona, BS in Biochemistry and Anthropology Medical School: Indiana University School of Medicine

Internship: THMEP Transitional Year in Tucson, Arizona

Professional Interests: Interventional spine, pain, TBI, brain-computer interface

Personal Interests: Technology enthusiast, travel, fitness and diet, wood burning, live music and theater performances

Fun Fact:  I love making things and working with my hands.  Whether it is food, drinks, artwork, furniture, or a computer, if I can get the materials I always prefer to craft something unique for myself or someone else.

What’s Next: Interventional Spine and Musculoskeletal Medicine Fellowship at Barrow Brain and Spine in Phoenix, Arizona:  I chose Interventional Spine because I am passionate about providing exceptional care for individuals with acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions. I chose to continue my training at Barrow for the opportunities to work with amazing faculty and staff, participate in professional development, and to practice medicine and give back to the community in which I grew up.

Anne Kuwabara, MD

Hometown: San Marino, California

Why I Chose Stanford PM&R: Cutting-edge research, academic rigor and culture of innovation

Undergraduate Education: University of California-Berkeley

Medical School: Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Internship: MedStar Union Memorial Hospital

Professional Interests: Pain Management, Sports Medicine, Quality Improvement, Public Policy, Nutrition

Fun fact: Fitness instructor and meal prep chef

What’s Next: Stanford Non-Operative Sports Medicine Fellowship :  To pursue additional training in sports medicine care in preparation for a career in academic medicine.

Anita Lowe, MD

Hometown:  Berthoud, CO

Why I Chose Stanford PM&R:  I chose Stanford PM&R because of its mix of supportive culture, focus on exploration and research, and standing at the forefront of the field.  After completing my medical school education at Stanford, I knew I wanted to stay for residency. I chose PM&R as a specialty because of it upbeat attitude and focus on improving quality of life and function.  I love the mix of neurology, MSK, medicine and procedures, and the ability to work on the inpatient or outpatient side. I’m thrilled to be at Stanford for my PM&R residency!

Undergraduate Education: University of Colorado, Boulder

Medical School: Stanford School of Medicine

Internship: Kaiser Permanente, San Francisco

Professional Interests: Amputees, pain, nutrition, sports

Personal Interests: I love to hike, backpack, ski, snow-shoe, camp, travel, and generally do anything outdoor related.  When I’m inside, I love to read, paint, explore local breweries, and watch the occasional college football game.

Fun Fact: I’ve climbed the second and third highest mountains in the continental US.

What’s Next:  Private Practice at St. Peter’s Health:  I'll be joining my husband in Montana, where I've accepted a position at St. Peter's Health as an outpatient physiatrist focusing on musculoskeletal and electrodiagnostic medicine. I can't wait to help my patients improve their health and function so that they might continue enjoying Big Sky country. I also look forward to exploring the Montana mountains backpacking, skiing, snowshoeing, and kayaking.

Nadja Mencin, MD

Hometown: Westtown, PA

Why I chose Stanford PM&R: The program's strong MSK education

Undergraduate Education: Swarthmore College

Medical School: Drexel College of Medicine

Internship: Abington Hospital

Professional Interests:  Sports Medicine

Personal Interests: Hiking, biking, and lifting 

Fun Facts: I had pet ducks when I was seven

What’s Next:  Stanford SCI Fellowship

Rachel Teranishi, MD

Hometown: Stockton, CA

Why I Chose Stanford PM&R: When I rotated as a medical student, it felt like "home." I was impressed with the caliber of the residents, the quality of the academics, and the dynamic between housestaff and faculty.  

Undergraduate Education: Westmont College (Santa Barbara, CA)

Medical School: Georgetown University School of Medicine (Washington, DC)

Internship: MedStar Harbor Hospital (Baltimore, MD)

Professional Interests: Spinal cord injury, Complementary/Alternative medicine

Personal Interests: Cooking, eating, traveling, hot yoga, classical piano

Fun Fact: Since I attended medical school on the east coast, I have now completed two cross-country road trips!

What’s Next: Brain Injury Medicine Fellowship at Carolinas Rehabilitation:  I selected this institution because they have an established disorders of consciousness program as well as exposure to ultrasound-guided injections. I also got an overwhelmingly positive "feeling" in talking with each of the faculty members, who seem dedicated to mentorship and leadership, in addition to medicine.

Katherine Thomas, MD

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Why I Chose Stanford PM&R:  I not only wanted to practice PM&R, I wanted to help push the field forward with the kinds of research opportunities that only Stanford can offer. Also, as a Bay Area native, I wanted to come back to train in & serve the community that I grew up in.

Undergraduate Education: Reed College

Medical School: New York Medical College

Internship: Portland Providence Medical Center

Professional Interests: I love all of rehabilitation medicine, but I have a particular passion for the rehabilitation of individuals with rheumatologic diseases including connective tissue disease. I am also interested in the management of chronic pain. 

Personal Interests: Baking, reading, spending time with family & friends

Fun Fact: I have a cat named Mr. Harold. 

What’s Next: Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine Fellowship at Gillette Children's Hospital in MN: I'm excited to be going to Gillette Children's Hospital - a unique hospital specifically for children with disabilities - as my next step in medical education. More specifically I look forward to working intensively with pediatric patients and cheering both the big and small ways in which they are improving. I also value being able to support families after a child has had a significant, sometimes life-changing, medical event.

Gary Vargas, MD

Hometown: Bronx, NY

Why I Chose Stanford PM&R:  
I loved the well-rounded training, the approachability of staff and residents, and the location. 

Undergraduate Education: 
Brown University, Sc. B. Biology

Medical School: University of Illinois College of Medicine

Internship: University of Hawaii, Internal Medicine, Preliminary Year

Professional Interests: 
Spinal cord injury, Sports medicine/MSK, TBI  

Personal Interests: 
Spending time with my wife, guitar, spoken word, and the great outdoors.

Fun Fact: I speak Spanish, Italian, and some Chinese.

What’s Next: TBI Fellowship at UTSW Dallas:  I will be completing my TBI fellowship at UTSW where I am excited to participate in their robust concussion and spasticity programs. I look forward to walking alongside patients and their families throughout their journey to recovery.