Tear Duct Surgery

Dacryocystorhinostomy [DCR] (tear duct bypass surgery)

In cases where the tear drainage system is completely blocked, a new drain is surgically created in order to permit natural elimination of excess tears so that they do not run down the face or blur the vision.  This surgery is also performed after infections of the tear drainage system in order to prevent them from coming back.

Punctoplasty and Stents (natural tear duct opening)

In cases where the tear drainage system is narrow but not completely blocked, minimally invasive procedures may be performed in order to improve symptoms by enlarging the openings and passages of the system.  These include punctoplasty (a procedure to open narrow tear drain entrances) and stent placement (a procedure to enlarge the tear drainage tubes, which involves temporarily inserting a tiny silicone tube). 

Treatment of Tearing in Infants and Children

A significant number of children are born with the tear drainage system only partially formed.  While the system often completes its development within the first year of life, some will require a procedure in order to eliminate tearing and mucus discharge/crusty eyelashes, as well as prevent infection.  Required treatments range from a one-time procedure to dilate the drain to stent placement to DCR. 


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