Cosmetic Asian Blepharoplasty

Our Asian patients often request upper eyelid surgery, also known as double eyelid surgery. Patients experiencing obstruction to visual field, eyelid drooping, or desiring a cosmetic change, may be ideal candidates for this procedure. If interested in, we can personalize your eyelid fold based on your preferences. We also perform lower eyelid surgery for patients interested in smoothing the skin beneath the eye.

Please note: there is not a “correct” appearance for human eyelids. We simply do these procedures on patient-by-patient request.

Pre-Operative Procedure

  1. Thorough lid and eye examination to establish the operative plan.
  2. Measure existing lid crease, if any.
  3. Assess both the presence and location of orbital fat and proposed crease (shape, height, symmetry).
  4. Assess brow position.
  5. Assess lid position. (May require ptosis procedure.)
  6. Assess for corneal staining to evaluate possibility of eyelids not closing.
  7. Capture photographs of frontal and side views for documentation.

Postoperative Procedure

  1. Patient should apply ice packs to the affected area to decrease swelling.
  2. Elevate head of bed 30 degrees to reduce swelling.
  3. Apply antibiotic ointment twice a day to suture line.
  4. Skin sutures may be removed in 4-6 days.