Established in 2004, the Stanford Cardiovascular Institute ignites new research and clinical applications through awarded seed grants, establishes educational and training programs in the field of cardiovascular medicine and research, and fosters an environment that supports diversity, equity, and inclusion. The CVI supports activities outside the bench and clinic that facilitate an exchange of ideas through seminars that are open to all members.

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July 12, July 19, and August 9, 2024

AHA Postdoc Fellowship 3-Part Series

July 12 | AHA Fellowship Overview with the RMG Fellowship Office

July 19 | AHA Ask Me Anything Panel

August 9 | AHA Faculty Review of Research Strategy/Training Plan

Each session must be registered for individually. See series webpage for more details.

Aug August 15 - 16 Thu-Fri 2024

Stanford-Arizona-Morehouse-UAB Cardiovascular Research Symposium

Join us for the annual cardiovascular symposium that brings together multiple institutes to foster the exchange of ideas and build collaborations. This year, we will partner with the University of Arizona, Morehouse, and University of Alabama at Birmingham. Join us for this opportunity to engage in insightful discussions, hear about innovative advances, and present your own research as a poster.

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Joseph C. Wu, MD, PhD

Director, Stanford Cardiovascular Institute

Simon H. Stertzer, MD, Professor
Department of Medicine (Cardiology) & Radiology

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