WELL for Life Staff

Jerry Lin
Data Analyst

Jerry earned his Master of Science in Biostatistics from the University of California, Davis.  His graduate research focused on genomic prediction and genotype-phenotype relationships using genome-wide association study (GWAS), factor analysis, and machine-learning algorithms.

At Stanford, Jerry has worked on the association between body metrics and cancer.  Now, he is working with WELL to explore potential factors that improve people's health and life quality.

Katy Peng
IT System Analyst

Katy has more than thirteen years of experience working in large high-tech corporations including DELL and HP. She started as a programmer analyst, working on building enterprise integration platform to reduce cost and complexity for data integration within businesses. She then held a project manager position, responsible for team building, coaching team members in multi-culture global areas, and managing large-scale EAI projects through all phases of project lifecycles.

Katy earned Master of Arts in Biological Science from University of Texas at Austin, and Master of Science in Computer Science from Texas State University.

Joyce Wu
Data Analyst

Joyce obtained a BS in Life Science and a MS in Molecular and Cellular Biology from National Taiwan University, and a MS in Clinical Research (Epidemiology and Biostatistics) from UC San Francisco. Her graduate research involved identifying genetic variations that exhibit pleiotropy for cancer risk and assessing proteomics of lung cancer in response to a targeted treatment.

Joyce worked at the Genomics Research Center from Academia Sinica in Taiwan. Her research there investigated cancer incidence associated with betel quid chewing in a community-based cohort study. She is currently analyzing data for WELL, and hopes to contribute to understand various factors that could relate to well-being.

Aydin Kaghazchi
Research Assistant

Aydin obtained his Bachelor of Science in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering from Cornell University. He is currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Epidemiology and Clinical Research in the Stanford School of Medicine

He is passionate about service to the community, coaching basketball, mentoring youth, and volunteering in any way he can. In the future, he hopes to attend medical school and optimize the integration of technology into healthcare delivery. 

E-Shen Wu

Data Analyst

E-Shen obtained his Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics from National Taiwan University, and a Master of Science in Statistic Statistics from the University of California, Davis.

He worked at the Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research in Taiwan and participated in the project “Taiwan Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (PMI)” which is applied to form an opinion on economic health and gave us insight into sales, employment, inventory and pricing. Currently, He is working with WELL and dedicates his experience to find out hidden factors that relate to well-being.

Yan Min

WELL Asia program

Yan obtained her Bachelor of Medicine from Peking University Health Science Center, and Master of Arts in health policy from Stanford University. Her research was focused on health inequity, population aging and long-term care in developing countries.  

Yan has worked at the World Health Organization Department of Health care System Financing. Her research there included investigations of long-term care insurance programs, and analysis of healthcare system efficiencies within Eight East Asian Countries. As a visiting researcher, Yan was involved in two fieldworks conducted by National Taiwan University School of Public Health with a focus on the elderly’s living arrangements in Taipei.

Eleanor Frost

Research Assistant

Eleanor Frost graduated from Stanford University with a Master’s in Epidemiology and Clinical Research in June 2020. For her Master’s thesis, she helped design, implement, and analyze the effectiveness of an educational intervention to reduce the spread of diseases in Kenya. She has also conducted research at the NIH investigating risk factors for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. She enjoys working as a Research Assistant for Stanford WELL for Life and hopes to contribute to the science of well-being. 

Jessie Belle Moore

WELL Thailand Project Manager

Jessie obtained a BS in Biochemistry from Brandeis University and a MS in Community Health and Prevention Research from Stanford University. Her graduate research explored the benefits of bringing more movement into the classroom of 7th graders and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on children’s access to school-provided meals.

Jessie previously studied sleep in Drosophila and worked with a team at Vanderbilt University Medical Center on a community-based RCT for preventing childhood obesity. Jessie is currently the project manager for WELL Thailand and is excited about using the results of the WELL survey to develop an intervention program.

In her free time, you can find Jessie partaking in one of her favorite sports, such as volleyball or ultimate frisbee, or cooking up some unapologetically delicious food. She strongly believes the body, mind, and spirit are inextricably connected, and hopes to contribute to our understanding of these connections through research.