WELL for Life Community

WELL for Life values its community. Together we are working to enhance the science behind well-being so we can improve and better address well-being for communities locally, nationally and globally!

Why Partner with WELL for Life?

  • To promote a culture of well-being.
  • To learn more about the well-being status of the people you serve.
  • To obtain data to support your funding requests. 
  • To help prioritize the allocation of resources for health promotion and well-being programs.

By partnering with WELL, you will achieve all of the above while helping enhance the science behind well-being. It's a win-win!


"We are grateful for the meaningful insight WELL For Life provides, allowing us to tailor programming in direct response to the health and wellness needs and trends of our community. The WELL for Life team has been an invaluable partner."
– Lee Pfab, Executive Director, Palo Alto Family YMCA

External Community Partners


WELL for Life has partnered with Amway of Buena Park and Santa Fe Springs to promote well-being and offer WELL for Life to their staff as a way to help inform their employee health programming.

Artemis Connection

WELL for Life has partnered with Artemis Connection on San Francisco and Seattle to promote personalized well-being and offer WELL for Life to their clients + teams as a way to help knowledge workers be the most engaged and innovative. 

Bay Area Community Health Advisory Council

WELL for Life has partnered with BACHAC to promote well-being to racial and ethnic minorities across the Bay Area. The BACHAC does this through programming, hosting events and engaging with the communities they serve. 

Association of California Healthcare Districts

WELL for Life has partnered with California Healthcare Districts throughout the Bay Area to offer WELL for Life to the communities they serve.

Alta Healthcare district, Eden Health Care DistrictMayers Memorial Hospital DistrictPeninsula Health Care DistrictPetaluma Health Care DistrictTahoe Forest Health System

Community Health for Asian Americans

WELL for Life has partnered with Community Health for Asian Americans (CHAA) to expand well-being to the broader Asian American community throughout the Bay Area. They are using WELL as a tool to better understand the well-being needs of the communities they serve.


WELL for Life and THE IRON THERAPY PROJECT have joined forces in order to equip veterans with the knowledge necessary to pursue and achieve a lifestyle characterized by overall well-being. 

Lean In Latinas

WELL for Life has partnered with Lean In Latinas to share WELL for Life and promote well-being to their members and the women they serve through the WELL for Life Scale and workshops.

North Idaho College

North Idaho College uses WELL for Life as a tool and resource for students who enroll in their Cardinal Learning Commons courses. With WELL, students are able to take an introspective look at their well-being as it relates to their coursework and life.

San Mateo County Aging and Adult Services

Aging and Adult Services (AAS) provides protection, support, prevention, and advocacy for older adults and people with disabilities. Services include assessment, consultation, intake and referral to health-related and other community-based services, protective and supportive services, public guardian/conservatorship for those in need of legal protections, and case management. Through San Mateo County’s Commission on Aging and Commission on Disabilities, Aging and Adult Services coordinates funding, advocacy, and policy research for issues related to aging and disabilities.

San Mateo County Libraries

WELL for Life has partnered with San Mateo County Libraries to offer WELL to their staff, members and communities to optimize their well-being and better inform the libraries' programming. 


WELL for Life has partnered with Sukham. Sukham's mission is to promote the practice of living and aging well while preparing for life’s transitions. WELL and Sukham partner to promote well-being in the South Asian community through outreach events and sharing WELL as a resource. 

Whole Brain Health

WELL for Life has partnered with Whole Brain Health to help address the well-being needs of their community. Whole Brain Health is working to make the world a more brain healthy place. Together we promote well-being in the aging community through using the Stanford WELL for life Scale as a self assessment and as a resource. 

The Y of Silicon Valley

WELL has partnered with all 11 Y branches throughout the San Francsico South Bay Area to share well-being with their staff and members. They are also using the results from the WELL for Life Scale to help better inform their programming.

Central YMCAEast Valley YMCAEl Camino YMCALewis and Joan Platt East Palo Alto Family YMCAMt. Madonna YMCA/CRC Northwest YMCAPalo Alto Family YMCASouth Valley YMCASouthwest YMCA

Internal Stanford Community Partners

Standford BeWell

WELL for Life has partnered with BeWell to provide the WELL for Life Scale to Stanford employees to further engage in their well-being.  BeWell provides a Berry to participants who complete the WELL for Life Scale. 

In addition, BeWell has allowed us to repurpose their curated content of news stories and interviews with Stanford health promotion experts to include as a part of our monthly newsletter.

Stanford Medicine Office of Community Engagement

WELL for Life has partnered with the Stanford Medicine Office of Community Engagement to offer Undergraduate, Graduate and Medical Students the opportunity be part of WELL for Life by working with our community partners and taking part in research.