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Welcome to WELL Thailand!

WELL Thailand is one of the expansion sites for the WELL for Life Study, representing a partnership between Stanford University and Chulalongkorn University.  The Chulalongkorn University is led by Principal Investigator Dr. Nipat Pichayayothin. Currently, WELL Thailand has completed qualitative interviews of 50 individuals in an effort to illuminate the nature of well-being among people residing in Bangkok. The goal is to create a WELL Thailand flower of domains and pursue quantitative interviews of 2,000 participants in 2020.

Well-being is a concept that has been broadly explored for centuries, but using different definitions and conceptual frameworks depending on the academic discipline or the research question being addressed. This study attempted to break free of disciplinary lenses by using a grounded narrative inquiry approach to explore the construct of well-being from the point of view of the people experiencing it.  This approach allows the nature of well-being to be explored across cultures, stages of the life course, and genders.

            The initial goal of the WELL Thailand project was to identify the domains of well-being that are relevant to the Thai population through scientifically rigorous means. The identification of these domains in Phase 1, which has helped improve our understanding of the relationship between culture and well-being, sets the stage for Phase 2 of the project:  collection of quantitative survey data to identify how a larger community of Bangkok residents experience well-being and its determinants. With data from 2,000 Thai citizens, we will have the opportunity to learn the patterns and distributions of well-being in Thailand, as well as individual and community-level factors that are associated with well-being.

Meet the WELL Thailand Team

As WELL Thailand represents a partnership across two universities, we have many people hard at work on both sides of the Pacific Ocean studying the science of well-being. WELL Thailand currently has two phases: Phase 1 consisted of 50 semi-structure interviews with a diverse sample of Bangkok citizen to create a graphic illustration of the nature of well-being among these Bangkok residents. Phase 2 will use the qualitative data acquired from Phase 1 to design a questionaire to collect qualitative data from 2,000 Thai citizens to discern both individual and community-level factors that are associated with well-being.

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The WELL Thailand Flower

The WELL Thailand flower was created after interviews with a random sample of 50 diverse Bangkok residents. Click here to learn more about the domains of well-being uncovered for Thai citizens.