Current Grants

NIH U01 EB025162; Feinberg (PI)/Setsompop (Co-PI)     

MRI Corticography: Developing Next Generation Microscale Human Cortex MRI Scanner

This project aims to develop new acquisition technologies to enable detailed imaging of the human cortex using advanced one-of-a-kind ultra-high field MRI system, equipped with powerful gradient encoding hardware and highly parallelized 128 channel head-only receiver array with 150 channel shim elements.

NIH P41 EB030006; Rosen (PI)/Setsompop (Project Leader)                                                        

Center for Mesoscale Mapping: Project 2 - Acquisition technology for in vivo functional and structural MR imaging at the mesoscopic scale   

This project aims to develop acquisition technologies to enable highly detailed brain imaging at the mesoscopic scale for structural, functional and diffusion imaging.

NIH R01 EB019437; Polimeni (PI)/Setsompop (Co-PI/Subcontract)                                                        

fMRI Technologies for Imaging at the Limit of Biological Spatiotemporal Resolution

This project aims to develop methods for 7 Tesla functional MRI, including highly accelerated acquisitions for purely T2 weighted BOLD, and to demonstrate the ability of these methods to achieve higher neuronal specificity than standard methods. 

NIH R01 MH116173; Setsompop (PI)                                                     

Next generation in-vivo diffusion imaging at submillimeter resolution

This project aims to develop novel ways to acquire and reconstruct diffusion MRI data leading to a quantum jump in spatial resolution in a clinically feasible scan time. The acquired data can show anatomical structures of the in-vivo brain at an unprecedented level of detail, which heretofore has not been possible using existing technology.

NIH R01 EB033206; Setsompop (PI)                                                     

An acquisition and reconstruction framework to enable mesoscale human fMRI on clinical 3 Tesla scanners

We propose a new framework to dramatically increase the sensitivity of CBV-fMRI to enable more neuronally-specific measures of brain activity at submillimeter mesoscale on widely available 3T scanners.

NIH R01 HL155962; Salerno (PI)                                                     

Rapid Free-Breathing Self-Gated Spiral Pulse Sequences for Simultaneous Cine and T1 mapping

The specific aims of this proposal are (1) to develop a 2D CAT- SPARCS technique to simultaneously acquire cine, T1 maps and LGE images during a free-breathing cardiac self-gated acquisition, (2) to extend the 2D CAT-SPARCS to provide whole heart simultaneous acquisition of cine, T1 mapping and LGE images using simultaneous multi-slice (SMS) and 3D spiral acquisition techniques, and (3) to validate the CAT-SPARCS technique against the clinical gold standard breath-held ECG-gated clinical techniques in normal subjects and patients being evaluated for HF.

GE Healthcare A-131; McNab (PI)                                                     

A-131 I Stanford Neuro Tiger Team 2022-2023

This project focuses on MRI Guidance for focused ultrasound neurosurgeries and MRI Guidance for Stereo-EEG in epilepsy patients.  

NIH U24 NS129893; Wang (PI)                                                     

Advancing fMRI Acquisition through Dissemination of EPTI – An Efficient Distortion-Free Multi-Contrast Imaging Technology

The goal of this project is to broadly disseminate EPTI as the next-generation fMRI acquisition tool.