For Mentees

If you are looking to connect with leaders and get objective advice on your professional development, decision-making, leadership and other skills, this program is a great place to start!

Program Details

We are looking for staff who are willing to share their experiences candidly and who would benefit from advice from a leader in the School of Medicine regarding their professional development.

Our program is uniquely mentee-driven, which means that you can engage in specific areas of growth and create goals oriented to your motivations and journey. It’s the mentee’s responsibility to set agendas with their mentor and engage in monthly networking meetings to grow leadership skills. Together with your mentor and cohort of mentees, you will develop the skills you need to take your career where you decide. 


You can be a mentee in the SOM Mentoring Program if you are:

  • Employed at Stanford School of Medicine for at least 9 months;
  • Classified at Classification Level I, J or K
  • Committed to and engaged in your professional development

Benefits of Mentorship

There are many benefits to being a mentee. You can:

  • Gain organizational knowledge
  • Enhance your professional network
  • Clarify your professional goals
  • Learn how to conduct yourself in an informational interview
  • Receive constructive feedback for growth and improvement

Program Activities

This is a mentee-led program. The activities below provide an overview of active involvement and will require initiative from mentees.

  • Mentees will attend the virtual mixer in the fall to meet potential mentors. 
  • Mentees are encouraged to request informational interviews with potential mentors during the matching process.
  • At the outset of the program, mentees will establish goals with their mentor to guide their time together throughout the program from January – July
  • 1:1 monthly meeting with mentor - mentee will set up the agenda every month based on established goals
  • Attend program-wide meetings as highlighted in the Program Guide.
  • Optional yearly alumni event with featured speakers

Program application opens in September and mentors and mentees are accepted and matched each fall. The program year runs from January - July.