Mentee Application & Selection Process

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Program application season opens in September, and mentors and mentees are accepted and matched each fall. For more information check out the timeline in the FAQs.

Step One

Apply to the program! Please be prepared to answer the following questions from the application:

  • What motivates you to apply?
  • Describe outcomes that you would like to realize in the program.
  • What work accomplishment are you most proud of?

Step Two

Once the pool of mentors and mentees has been finalized, the Mentoring Committee will host a virtual mixer, which will serve as a casual way for potential mentors and mentees to meet via Zoom breakout rooms.

Step Three

Based on mentee interests, our software will provide 5 possible mentors to choose from. Mentees are encouraged to schedule informational interviews with potential mentors.

Step Four

The matches will be made based on mentor and  mentee ranking. 

Step Five

The mentorship committee will conduct the “match” process and send out the final match in November.

Our Commitment to Diversity

Frequently Asked Questions


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Program application opens in September and mentors and mentees are accepted and matched each fall. The program year runs from January - July.