MCiM Practicum

The Master of Science in Clinical Informatics Management (MCiM) program requires a Practicum project from each student while enrolled at Stanford University. It is a vital part of the educational curriculum as students are given an opportunity to directly apply programmatic competencies within the three pillars of medicine, technology, and business.

The Practicum is a robust academic product with an expected engagement time of 180 hours spread across three quarters. Students are responsible for sourcing and designing their own project and may work independently or within teams. Students can create a project on a topic that they are passionate about while addressing and/or improving a problem within healthcare, public health, or the healthcare system in the United States or internationally.

When brainstorming a project, students are encouraged to think about a project within the four common tracks: experiential learning, research, case study creation or a business plan creation.

Experiential Learning

Students will seek out a meaningful experience at an established organization with a site supervisor/advisor to assist in mapping out an appropriate breadth and depth of activities to participate in.


Students may either engage in original scientific research or conduct a review of what is already known about a topic.

Case Study Creation

Students may choose to conduct a formal academic case study of an organization or landscape analysis of an industry or market. The goal for students pursuing this track should be publication of their case study or landscape analysis.

Business Plan Creation

Students interested in creating a product or a company of their own may develop a business plan for their project. Business proposals should have a clear social value and include a feasible financial model.

Previous Practicum Projects