MCiM offers an excellent pathway to enhance your career, pivot to new roles, and move into management and leadership positions across health care and health care-focused technology organizations.

Equipped with highly applicable business and technology competencies, you will be strongly positioned to advance your career in clinical medicine, health system leadership, healthcare consulting, bioinformatics, data analysis, and entrepreneurship. 

MCiM's Mentorship Network

Beyond the connections MCiM students will make with our world renowned Stanford faculty, MCiM provides a coveted mentorship program for our students. Our 50+ MCiM mentors represent various fields of technology, medicine and business. From CMOs and VPs, to Founders and health consultants, our mentors provide students an immediate network and opportunity to learn about potential applications of their learnings. 

Brought together specifically for our MCiM students, professional development opportunities with our mentors will be provided throughout the academic year. In addition, MCiM students can access mentors directly any time through a specialized online platform. 

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A Curriculum Built With Intention

Throughout the MCiM academic year our program leadership have intentionally incorporated career support and professional development opportunities. From bringing in panelists to discuss career exploration, to providing workshops focused on sharpening soft skills. Coupled with your MCiM courses, our students will enjoy a transformative  learning experience that will provide them with the skills and knowledge to attain their professional aspirations.

An Amazing Partnership with BioSci Careers

As an MCiM student, you will have access to career counseling through Stanford School of Medicine’s BioSci Careers center. The center hosts seminars and classes that range from perfecting a LinkedIn profile to writing essays for medical school applications. In addition, BioSci Careers offers one-on-one counseling services to address specific career needs.