iFS™ Advanced Femtosecond Laser

The iFS™ Laser takes refractive surgery — and more specifically, LASIK flap creation — to a whole new standard of speed and control. It's designed to deliver biomechanically engineered flaps that can be customized for every individual cornea, and includes comprehensive IntraLase® Enabled Keratoplasty (IEK) and ring-channel formation capabilities.

Flap Creation

  • Unprecedented speed — virtually effortless flap lift.
  • Lower energy; may reduce tissue response and inflammation.

Significantly Smoother Stromal Beds

  • IntraLase® technology results in significantly higher-quality stromal beds than are possible with the FEMTO LDV™1

Inverted Bevel-In Side Cut

  • Promotes flap stability and positioning.

Elliptical Flap Enhances Surgical Options

  • Distributes forces symmetrically to the elliptical cornea.
  • Moves the hinge peripherally to maximize stromal bed exposure for full delivery of excimer ablation.