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Refractive Fee Schedule

Initial Evaluation: No charge*

Excludes  patients who have previously undergone eye surgery.  Patients with a history of refractive surgery will be charged a 2nd opinion consultation fee of $571.00. The 2nd opinion fees are not deducted from the cost of surgery.

Pre-operative appointment (includes corneal mapping, measurements, and dilated exam)
$370 (deducted from procedure fee)

REFRACTIVE PROCEDURE AND COST PER EYE (effective January 1, 2023):

Custom Wavefront LASIK with Intralase
$3,250 per eye

Custom Wavefront PRK
$3,250 per eye

Topography Guided
$3,250 per eye

$3,250 per eye

Custom Wavefront LASEK
$3,250 per eye

Routine post operative examinations for one year:
No charge*

Enhancement procedure (if needed) for one year:
No charge*

*Fees listed above are applicable to self-pay patients.

* May not be applicable for procedures covered by insurance policies.

Payment options:

Remember that refractive surgery is tax deductible as a medical expense
Please consult your tax advisor for further information.

  • Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover)
  • A 0% Financing plan is available.

Please use the payment plan form attached below.