The story of Stanford's success isn't told by us, ...but by our former patients.

"I was amazed at the results. After thirty-plus years of wearing glasses or contacts, my sight was suddenly better than I could ever remember. At first it seemed like it wasn't real."

"Dr. Manche is warm, personable, clear, and right there! No pretentious doctor attitude, which made me feel comfortable with him immediately—very important where my eyes are involved."

"As an ophthalmologist who performs LASIK surgery on a regular basis, I understand the importance of excellent visual acuity. I chose Dr. Manche to perform my LASIK surgery because of his experience, expertise and most importantly, his high ethical standard. I now enjoy 20/20 vision in both eyes without glasses or contact lenses."

"I trust Dr. Manche's judgement and skill and will recommend him to everyone I know interested in the procedure. P.S. I was a very tough patient! Not only am I a physician, but I'm married to an ophthalmologist!"

"Wow! Amazing! A miracle! Less than 24 hours ago I underwent the LASIK procedure for my right eye. There was no pain during or after the procedure. My eye tested 20/20 this morning—my vision is wonderful! I also want to compliment the entire staff for all the professional attention with a personal touch that I received. The office is smoothly run, time scheduling is accurate and respects the patient as much as the doctor."

“Wonderful results – the surgery is a miracle.  I’ve been wearing glasses or contacts since I was 7 years old, I can’t believe I can see beautifully without them.  I was severely astigmatic and this wasn’t a routine procedure, but Dr. Manche did an expert job.”

“I’m a radiologist and need sharp vision.  Dr. Manche performed LASIK surgery on me and now my eyes are as sharp as they were when I was very young.  I am very pleased with the care I’ve received at the Stanford Eye Laser Center, and recommended Dr. Manche to anyone seeking corrective eye surgery.”

“I am so happy with the results and the service I have received.  All of you staff has been extremely courteous and helpful.  Dr. Manche has been superb – his bedside manner is one of the best I’ve seen and the thorough care he provides for exceeds my expectations.  I would (and have) highly recommend Stanford Eye Laser Center to people interested in LASIK or PRK.”

“As an ophthalmologist, it is imperative that I have excellent vision to perform my work.  Dr. Manche has performed refractive surgery on me as well as several of my colleagues and we all agree that his technical skill, expertise, and high ethical standard is unmatched.  I now see 20/15 in each eye without glasses or contacts.  I routinely refer all my patients and friends to him.”