Enrolling Students to Clerkship Sites

Required Clerkships are organized in MedHub by Core Clerkship with relevant sites nested beneath.

MedHub enrolls students to Core Clerkships each period. Clerkship Coordinators enroll students, faculty, and residents to the sites. Clerkship Coordinators should contact a member of the Evaluation team if they need to add a new site.

Students to Clerkship Sites

1. From the Core Clerkship, select students under User Management.

    a. If enrollment for the period has been uploaded, students will appear in the drop down.

    b. If enrollment has not yet been uploaded, students can be found by selecting the magnifying glass and searching their name.


2. In the student profile, select Enrollment/Grades towards the bottom of the left side column.

3. Select + Schedule New Course.

4. Check that the Academic Year is correct.

5. Select the clerkship site.

6. Select the dates that the student will be at this site.

    a. All other selections can remain as they are.

7. Select Save to finish enrolling the student to the site.

8. Students will now appear in the drop down on the home page.