MedHub User Guides

Help with MedHub for Stanford UME

Please follow this link to submit a MedHub request to the Evaluation team.


    Logging into MedHub

Clerkship Coordinators 

1. Scheduling

    Students to Clerkship Sites

    Faculty to Clerkship Sites

    Creating a Service

    Students to a Service

    Faculty/Residents to a Service

2. Evaluations

    Manual delivery

    Automatic delivery

    Viewing Completed and Incomplete Evaluations

3. Reports

    Aggregate Comments Report

    Aggregate Evaluations Report

    Export Evaluation Raw Data

    Diagnosis Report

    Export Diagnosis Raw Data

4. Elective Clerkship Coordinators

    Pulling Reports for Elective Clerkships

5. Miscellaneous

    Adding an Outside Evaluator

    Filling out Evaluation on Behalf of Another

Clerkship Directors 

    Completing Evaluations

    Reviewing Evaluations


    Completing Evaluations

    Reviewing Evaluations


    Recording Case Logs

    Viewing Final Evaluations