Medical Student Evaluation FAQ

How do I find the evaluations I need to complete?

1. Sign in:

2. Use the SUNet login link on the left side of the page.

3. Incomplete evaluations can be accessed in the “Urgent Tasks” box in the upper left corner of the home page or by selecting the “Evaluations” tab.

How is my feedback used?

Ratings and comments are aggregated and provided to course and Med Ed leadership in a report at the end of each quarter.

How should I give Keep-Stop-Start feedback?

To ensure student feedback can be used to effectively influence positive change, please be mindful of providing actionable and constructive feedback. 


“KEEP: Weekly quizzes to prepare for the final exam."

“START: Lectures could improve by adding a summary slide to the end of the presentation.” 

“START: Videos could improve by adding subtitles.” 

How long do I have to complete an evaluation?

As indicated in the handbook, on-time completion is 3 weeks from the date evaluations were assigned. Evaluations will expire from the queue after that date. In the case of low compliance, the Evaluation team will notify students of extended time to complete.

What are the evaluation completion requirements?

Please see Section 3.7 of the MD Program Student Handbook to view the current professionalism requirements.