Medical Education Research Policy

Are you doing program Research or Evaluation?

Any data gathering and analysis with the intent to disseminate findings to a broader scientific community would be considered research per the research policy.

In order to assure that we conduct the most rigorous medical education research and scholarship, and to assure that medical education innovations can be coordinated effectively, all medical education and research projects involving medical students and/or the required MD program curriculum must be reviewed and approved. To initiate a review, please email

Submissions for review and approval should include the following:

1. IRB Human Subjects protocol draft or a brief summary (1-2 pages) with the following information:

a)    Specific aims and research questions

b)    Hypotheses

c)     Background and literature review

d)    Target population

e)    Research activity setting

f)     Experimental or intervention methods

g)    Intended statistical analysis plan

h)    Study personnel

i)      Funding source (if applicable)

2. A statement of support and concurrence from the faculty course or clerkship director of the study setting, including whether and how that faculty member will collaborate on the research dimension and their role in distributing any study materials.

3. Blank copies of the instruments to be used, e.g. surveys*, interview protocols, etc.


Note: If you are conducting medical education research as part of your scholarly concentration, please see this page.


*We do not distribute surveys on behalf of study teams.