Reports – Patient Logs

These reports export patient log summaries for a given time period.

1. Select the Core Clerkship from the drop down on the right side of the home page.

2. Select the Procedures tab.

3. Under the Procedure Reports in the right column, there is a list of all Procedure/Patient Log report options.

4. The different Procedure Reports exports:

a. Procedures Demographics Report: patient demographics as reported through the procedure log
        i. Students should NOT be reporting identifiable patient information. MedHub is not HIPAA compliant.
b. Procedures Details Report: in one table, logged procedures for each student with role performed indicated
c. Procedure Log Summary: in one table, displays each diagnosis by student, # required, # logged, # alternate experience, and Y/N Requirement Met
d. Procedure Requirements by Student: a table for each student displaying required diagnoses, # required, and # logged with totals at the bottom
e. Procedures Summary: in one table, displays students, # logged, and roles
        i. This report does NOT indicate which diagnosis were met
f. Procedures Summary by Student: a table for each student displaying # logged
        i. This report does NOT indicate # required

5. When selecting options for reports, always select the Core Clerkship and update the Display to Diagnosis Requirements.

a. Students log procedures under the Core Clerkship only.
b. The default in MedHub is Procedures, but students submit Diagnosis.

6. Example reports below:

a. Procedures Details Report

b. Procedure Log Summary

c. Procedure Requirements by Student

d. Procedures Summary

e. Procedures Summary by Student