Community message of solidarity

Recently, there was an event on campus regarding a noose that was placed close to a student housing area where students of color were residing. The intent was clearly to create fear and was an act of hate and intolerance. Our school’s leadership, both at the medical center and university have given out written statements denouncing this event and stated their support for a diverse and inclusive community free from hate and acts of intolerance. To complement these statements, a gathering of members of our communities was held at Stanford Medicine on Thursday, July 25, 2019, in front of the Li Ka Shing Learning and Knowledge Center to make visible by our presence that we stand against this act and acts like these, which are hateful and intolerant.

Those that attended added their signature to the following statement, which will be presented to the School of Medicine’s Faculty Senate:

Consistent with and reaffirming the resolution passed by the SOM Faculty Senate November 2016:

1)     We are committed to an educational environment that is inclusive, diverse, and treats each member of our community with respect and dignity.

2)     As members of Stanford Medicine, we have a special commitment to the health of the public. We are committed to the ideas of the Stanford Affirmation, which states:

“We use our knowledge and skills to promote human rights, social justice, and civil liberties; we will not permit considerations of age, disease or disability, faith, ethnic origin, gender identity, nationality, race, sexual orientation, social standing or other forms of discrimination to intervene with our interactions with each other and those we serve, and will cultivate peace in both personal conduct and political expression.”

3)     As members of the Stanford Medicine community, we will work to provide a safe and supportive environment and we are committed to promoting well-being and support for all.

4)     As members of the Stanford Medicine community, we are committed to a diverse and inclusive community that respects all individuals and denounce all acts of intolerance and hate.