Stanford Medicine Diversity Cabinet

The Diversity Cabinet coordinates and integrates program and communication strategies across Stanford Medicine to leverage diversity, equity, and inclusion partnerships.

At a big picture level, priority areas include:

1. Establishing diversity, equity, and inclusion as core values of Stanford Medicine.

2. Promoting a sense of belonging and inclusiveness for all members of Stanford Medicine.

3. Engaging the Stanford Medicine community in the recruitment, retention, and advancement of diverse individuals among trainees, faculty, School of Medicine staff, and LPCHS and SHC employees.

4. Engaging other Schools at Stanford University through collaborations on diversity initiatives and activities and targeting the undergraduate population for recruitment into Stanford Medicine bioscience and medical programs.

5. Supporting community building and education of inclusive and equitable practices for trainees, faculty, School of Medicine staff, and LPCHS and SHC employees.

Learn more about the Diversity Cabinet via the Dean’s Formal Charge and the Diversity Cabinet Bylaws.

Stanford Medicine Diversity Cabinet Members by Constituency


Learn more about the history and accomplishments of the Diversity Cabinet.


Diversity, Respect, and Inclusion are Vital to Excellence (DRIVE) is a part of the Stanford Medicine Integrated Strategic Plan. The goal of DRIVE is to cultivate an environment in which diversity is present and celebrated, and all community members are respected, developed, and included. Learn more about DRIVE in the Diversity Cabinet reports.


Learn about the work and members of the Diversity Cabinet Subcommittees. 

Subcommittees are formed as an ongoing effort to continuously address diversity, equity, and inclusion issues at Stanford Medicine and/or to bring a subgroup of constituents or communities together.

Task forces

Learn about the work and members of the Diversity Cabinet Task Forces. 

The goal for Task Forces is to focus on a specific diversity, equity, and inclusion issue with the end result being a report with recommendations and specific implementation guidelines.

Diversity Cabinet Reports

SoM regularly compiles data related to diversity at Stanford Medicine. 

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