Task Forces

The goal for Task Forces is to focus on a specific diversity, equity, and inclusion issue with the end result being a report with recommendations and specific implementation guidelines.

Diversity and Societal Citizenship Task Force

In 2015, the Dean’s Task Force on Diversity and Societal Citizenship (DSC) was convened to provide recommendations to the Stanford University School of Medicine Dean, Senior Associate Deans, and Diversity Cabinet on advancing diversity within the School, and on educating our students and trainees in societal citizenship. The charge followed what was a string of deeply distressing events, nationwide, involving the ending of Black lives by law enforcement.

LGBTQ+/Sexual and Gender Minorities (SGM) Task Force

In 2016, the LGBTQ+/Sexual and Gender Minorities (SGM) Task Force was formed to address issues facing SGM individuals at Stanford University School of Medicine. The task force identified ongoing activities for the LGBTQ+ community at all constituency levels and brought in leading voices from these programs.

The result was the distribution of the first school-wide survey on SGM issues , a report of the responses and a town hall meeting with the Dean. In addition, a pin with Stanford Medicine branding specifically for the LGBTQ+ community and allies was developed and is continually being distributed. The task force determined that they would be most effective as an ongoing effort and evolved into the LGBTQ+/Sexual and Gender Minorities (SGM) Subcommittee, the first subcommittee of the Diversity Cabinet.

Engaging Basic Science Researchers Task Force

The Engaging Basic Science Researchers Task Force formed in 2018 in response to basic science trainee voices requesting greater basic science researcher engagement in diversity and inclusion activities. The resulting group included all constituencies represented in the basic sciences to form high-level recommendations and guidance for implementation.

The report was approved by the Dean in 2019 and implementation spearheaded by the EBSR Advisory Committee.