Center for Integration of Research on Genetics and Ethics


Former CIRGE Program Manager Colleen Berryessa, Lauren Milner, Nanibaa' Garrison, and CIRGE PI Mildred Cho's article Impact of Psychiatric Information on Potential Jurors in Evaluating High Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorders (hfASD) was accepted for publication in the Journal of Mental Health Research in Intellectual Disabilities!

SCBE's Kate Darling, Angie Boyce, CIRGE PI Mildred Cho, and Pamela Sankar published “What is the FDA Going to Think?”: Negotiating Values through Reflective and Strategic Category Work in Microbiome Science in Science, Technology & Human Values!

Former CIRGE Program Manager Colleen Berryessa published Potential Implications of Research on Genetic or Heritable Contributions to Pedophilia for the Objectives of Criminal Law in Recent Advances in DNA and Gene Sequences!

CIRGE Co-PI Kelly Ormond and CIRGE PI Mildred Cho published Translating personalized medicine using new genetic technologies in clinical practice: the ethical issues in Personalized Medicine!

CIRGE's Jessica Erickson, Mildred Cho, Kelly Ormond, Douglas Levinson, and their colleagues published Genetic Testing of Children for Predisposition to Mood Disorders: Anticipating the Clinical Issues in the Journal of Genetic Counseling!

CIRGE Research

Researchers at CIRGE are dedicated to furthering public understanding and awareness of key ethical, legal and social issues in emerging human genetic variation research, focusing on the genomics of behavior.

Current projects underway at the Center include research on Maternal Serum Cell-Free Fetal DNACitizen Science, and Criminal Justice Perceptions of Offenders with Genetic Developmental Disorders.

For more information on current projects, please see Current Areas of Research.

CIRGE Events

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