The MY Healthy Futures - Nicotine Version

is an Alternative-to-Suspension curriculum geared for students who have been caught using nicotine products, e-cigarettes, or any tobacco products and/or for any student who is interested in trying to reduce or quit nicotine use.  We offer free, online Healthy Futures training for facilitators. Click here to schedule a training! 

To get started: provide the student with your teacher code from the data dashboard, the canva link, and a print-out of the handbook.

Click above to view the facilitator guide and instructions, including how best to have students use this self-paced course.

We strongly suggest you print out the handbook for the student prior to beginning the lesson above.

For instructions on how to fold this handbook, click here.

For additional resources, quitting tips, infographics and more, click above to access our bank of resources!