NEW Data Dashboard for Educators

As educators, schools, and communities (globally) utilize the Stanford REACH Lab’s prevention and intervention curriculums, we recognize how critical it is for those educators and communities to gather and analyze data in order to continually improve. We at the REACH Lab also appreciate having data to help us evaluate and improve on our curriculums. 

With that in mind, Stanford’s REACH Lab has developed and launched a data dashboard for educators, where you can see, in real time, anonymous student survey responses related to the curriculum and interventions you are implementing. These short pre- and post-surveys are now embedded in ALL of our prevention, education, and intervention materials, as QR codes and URLs on the first and last slides of every Canva (course) slide deck.

Prior to using our resources, we encourage you to click on this link ( and pre-register yourself and get your unique teacher/educator ID number. You will provide this unique educator ID number to your students, prior to beginning the curriculum, so they can enter that code into their pre- and post-surveys. This code is unique to you and will be the same code regardless of which of our resources you are using and regardless of which school site(s) you work at (meaning, if you work at multiple school sites, your unique ID number doesn’t change). If you would like to see a brief training video on how to register for your code, HERE is a link to a 2-minute registration tutorial.

** If you attempt to register and your local technology blocks our website for some reason, please email them and ask them to “whitelist” the following two URLs - (educator registration page) and (student pre- and post-survey link).  Please email us at with any questions.

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