OUR Healthy Futures - Nicotine Version

is an Alternative-to-Suspension with two versions: a two- and a four-hour version. The two-hour version can be taught with just one student or in a group setting. It allows for warm-up questions interspersed between slides that allow students to share what they know about each topic. 

The four-hour version builds on the two hour version by allowing time for personal reflection following each topic. This version allows for more individual introspection and group discussion (if done in a group setting). 

Use the tabs below to switch from the two- and four-hour curriculums.

OUR Healthy Futures - Two-Hour Version

  • Click above to view the facilitator guide providing you with information on how best to implement OUR Healthy Futures as well as additional resources for you as the facilitator. We also provide talking points for each slide. Use the talking points alongside the Canva slides!

We strongly suggest you print out the handbook and worksheet for the student prior to beginning the lesson above.

For instructions on how to fold this handbook, click here.

For additional resources, quitting tips, infographics and more, click above to access our bank of resources!