Healthy Futures, an Alternative-to-Suspension program, developed by the Stanford REACH Lab

This program is geared for students who have been caught using e-cigarettes (or really any tobacco product) and/or for any students who are interested in trying to quit. This program is packed with a self-paced lesson, a group 2- or 4-hour teacher or counselor-led curriculum, quitting resources, and more!!

While we know time is limited, the best course of action is for students to first complete the MY Healthy Futures on their own, followed by some teacher-student interaction using the OUR Healthy Futures. Of course, feel free to add additional lessons from our You and Me, Together Vape-Free vaping curriculum if desired. 

As a best practice, we would recommend that our curriculum be used as an educational opportunity in lieu of a suspension (alternative to suspension) for first time offenses, but if your policies/procedures require a student to be suspended (and those policies cannot be amended), we would strongly encourage you to provide our Healthy Futures intervention as an educational support in addition to the suspension.

Please register on our data dashboard platform below before beginning the curriculum! If you have registered before for another curriculum or grade, simply login to obtain your data collection code. 

The MY Healthy Futures Course is a 40-60 minute self-paced course for students to do on their own.

This course provides slides, activities, and interactive materials, using the principals of motivational interviewing and cognitive-behavioral therapy, to help students understand the harms of e-cigarettes and other tobacco products, to help identify reasons for and costs of using, to help students cope with stress, and to provide resources to help students quit.


OUR Healthy Futures Curriculum has two versions: a two- and a four-hour version.  The two-hour version can be facilitated with just one student or in a group setting. It allows for warm-up questions interspersed between slides that allow students to share what they know about each topic. 

The four-hour version builds on the two-hour version by allowing time for personal reflection following each topic. This version allows for more individual introspection and group discussion (if done in a group setting).