SoM Classroom Scheduling Policy

The general policy contained in this document is based on the guidelines established by the Stanford Registrar's Non-Academic Scheduling Office, 650-723-6755.

  • All activities must be consistent with the educational mission of the University, and approved by Educational Technology in the School of Medicine.
  • Any activity, event, or program that is designed to attract largely a non-Stanford audience is subject to additional approval from Stanford Events.
  • Activities held in a University facility may not raise money through the sale of tickets or refreshments, solicitation of donations, collection of registration fees, or any other means that benefits an off-campus individual, organization, or cause. Any activity with such a commercial component must be approved through the Registrar's Office of Non-Academic Facility Scheduling.
  • Events that will involve serving alcoholic beverages must be approved by Registrar's Office of Non-Academic Facility Scheduling. This is essential if there is any sale of alcohol (cash bar, etc.). The user must guarantee that there will be no minors present at any event at which alcohol will be served.
  • Any activity, event, or program that is co-sponsored solely by a ASSU group is subject to additional and final approval from Office of Student Affairs (OSA) .



The highest priority for scheduling School of Medicine facilities is for events and programs that are educational in nature. We schedule recurring educational events over events that are one-time or occasional. If an event has been scheduled, and a request that is a more appropriate use of space is received later, (i.e. a small study group reserves a lab – and later the space is requested for lab activity) we will work with the first requester in finding an alternative site for their event. There is always the possibility that such a relocation effort will be unsuccessful. In this case, the scheduled event (earlier request) will remain scheduled as is.

The scheduling priorities for events in the classroom spaces are listed in descending order below:

  1. Required MD/ SoM Masters/PhD courses - Large (> 50)*
  2. Required MD/SoM Masters/PhD courses - Small (<50)*
  3. MMI (MD Program Interviewing)
  4. Elective MD/SoM Masters/ PhD courses*
  5. Elective GME
  6. All other SoM activities
  7. University
  8. Hospitals
  9. Non-Stanford events sponsored by an academic department or ASSU group

For large courses requesting multiple breakout spaces, Medscheduling will schedule N-2, which will allow some flexibility for other courses to be conducted within SoM learning spaces.

* Courses scheduled off the Allowable Class Days/Times (including breakouts, placement exams and final exams) are scheduled after other courses within that priority grouping.

NOTE: All reservations may be superseded by the Dean’s Office.

Reservation Timeline

Requests for events in a future academic year will be accepted during spring of the prior academic year. Requesters will receive an email announcing when medscheduler will begin receiving requests and what the priority deadline will be. Visit Annual Scheduling Resources for the Annual Scheduling timeline and details on how to submit your request during the Annual Scheduling period. Requests received after the Annual Scheduling Deadline are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Advance Notice for Resources

One week's advance notice is required for all resource requests (i.e. videotaping, laptops, polling, etc.). Educational Technology will make efforts to accommodate requests with less notice but will evaluate these requests on a case-by-case basis.

Reservation Request Turnaround Time

For room and resource requests within the current quarter, we will respond within three working days under usual circumstances.

Scheduled Spaces

This policy applies to the following teaching spaces. Exceptions apply, as noted.

Alway Classrooms: M106, M112, M114, M315
Alway Computer Lab: M206
Alway Fleischmann Labs: M208, M212, M214, M218
Beckman: B060* (M-F 7am-7pm only)
CCSR Classrooms: 0235*, 0236*, 0237*, 0245*, 4107, 4205
LKSC Classrooms: LK101, LK102, LK120, LK130, LK203, LK204, LK205, LK206, LK208, LK209 LK304, LK305, LK306, LK308
LKSC Clinical Skills Spaces: LKSC Immersive Learning Center**
MSOB: X303*

*First priority as follows for requests received by the Priority Booking Deadline, with top priority going to educational activities:

CCSR 02XX: Anatomy Department
Beckman B060: Beckman Center 
LKSC 2nd Floor Seminar Rooms: Conference Services has priority 
MSOB X303: Dean’s Office
LKSC Immersive Learning Center: See the Immersive Learning Center Scheduling Policy for details

**Simulation-related activities only.

Food, Drink and Cosmetic Application

  •  LKSC Catering (or 650-725-6883) must be consulted for catering in any of the LKSC classrooms. There are no vendor restrictions for classrooms in Alway, MSOB, or CCSR classrooms.
  • Catering items must be delivered and picked up during your event's reservation time frame. You may submit a Classroom Reservations > Change Request form from the Medscheduler website to request that setup and/or take down time are added to your current Autumn/Winter reservation(s). Please check 25Live to see if the classroom is available before submitting your request. We will accommodate requests when possible.
  • All disposable items and food residue must be cleaned up and disposed of, and food residue wiped off of furnishings, by the end time of the reservation and before vacating the classroom.
  • There are no restrictions on caterers for to-go food delivered outside of the LKSC except where otherwise noted.
  • No food or drink is allowed in Beckman B060.
  • Application of cosmetics (e.g. applying lip gloss, eye make up) are allowed in all spaces with the following exceptions:

    Fleischmann Labs & LK005 Project Classroom: No  cosmetic application is allowed when demonstrating or examining materials with chemical or biologic hazards. Cosmetic application is allowed following cleaning and disinfecting of all surfaces.


    The scheduling office should be notified as soon as possible if rooms which have been booked are no longer needed, so rooms can then be allocated to other users. Requester should submit a Cancellation Form found on the Medscheduler Classroom Request Form page.

    Public Holidays

    All classrooms are closed during public holidays, holiday weekends, and University Winter Closure and may not be scheduled. No services or facilities are available when the School of Medicine is closed.

    Factors Considered

    Factors considered in choosing between competing requests for the use of a room include: date and time the request is received, type of use, expected attendance, requirements for special audio-visual and/or food service, facilities, length of program, recurring events (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) and availability of alternative space.

    Due to the impact on activities in adjacent spaces, noisy activities such as Zumba exercise classes cannot be accommodated.

    Condition of Room

    You may change the room setup to accommodate your group. Before you leave the room it is your responsibility to return the classroom to the layout for which it was scheduled (see room layout diagram in classroom). It is the responsibility of the room requestor that the room is left in good condition. Remember to turn off the projectors and mics and be sure that all catering has been picked up by the time you vacate the room.


    After hours events (weekdays after 8pm and weekends) are required to pay for after hours housekeeping. To ensure that the reserved space is properly cleaned after the event, please submit a Customer-Funded Work Request by going to Facilities Planning and Management. For last-minute requests, call 650-721-2146 to arrange for housekeeping.