Life Science Alliance Exchange Grants

We want to help you collaborate.

The Life Science Alliance invites eligible researchers from EMBL or Stanford to submit an application for an Exchange Grant. 

Award Amount:

Up to €8,000 per grant.


This program is on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please email us if you would like more information.

What are exchange grants?

Exchange grants are designed to support inter-institutional collaboration by enabling the mobility of researchers from EMBL and the Stanford University School of Medicine or Stanford University School of Humanities and Sciences. The grants provide an opportunity for researchers to undertake an intensive visit to the partner institution, to learn, teach, network, and develop an international profile. 

At least three exchange grants will be awarded per year for research visits up to 3 months.  Up to EUR 8,000 is available per grant. Funding is provided for travel to the partner institution (up to EUR 2,000) and associated costs including: accommodation, insurances and visas (up to EUR 6,000 pro-rated based on length of visit). The grants can not be used to pay for consumables, overheads, bench fees or salary costs during the exchange. 


Faculty, staff and postdoctoral fellows from both EMBL and the Stanford University School of Medicine or School of Humanities and Scienceds are able to apply for an exchange grant. For clarity, students (including bachelors, masters or PhD students) are not eligible for an exchange grant.

There are no restrictions on age, gender or scientific background.

The researcher must remain in employment at their home institution for the duration of the exchange.

How to apply

Applications must be developed with mutual agreement between at least one EMBL and one Stanford PI.

Proposals must describe a collaboration that clearly builds on the strengths of the laboratories that are involved. They must clearly indicate how the visit will draw on the expertise or technology available in each lab, the institution, or the researchers own skills. Projects that advance the wider inter-institutional relationship and benefit both institutions will be highly rated. There are no restrictions on the field or topic. Researchers must provide a clear timeline and milestones for the exchange.

Priority will be given to proposals that:

  • Describe the transfer of knowledge or methodologies.
  • Provide access to technology that is not available at the partner institution.
  • Enable the development of a new collaborative project.
  • Are essential for developing new publications.
  • Benefit the wider scientific communities at EMBL and Stanford.

Please read the applicant guidelines in detail before submitting your application.

To submit your application, please download the application form and send the completed document to


Still have questions after reading through the application guidelines?

Get in touch with us.


Katie Zeier
Programme Officer - Life Science Alliance