AI In Healthcare Symposium

The Life Science Alliance and the MOLIT Institute presented their first joint event virtually last month with: AI in Healthcare, 27-28 October 2020. 

Attended by over 150 participants, the symposium brought together researchers from across the globe to address the promises and challenges of artificial intelligence in healthcare. Over two days we highlighted the latest insights and applications of AI across the whole healthcare system, from bench to bedside and the global community. 

Meet our Director: Lars Steinmetz

Lars Steinmetz is the director of the Life Science Alliance.

With his joint position as a Group Leader and Senior Scientist in the Genome Biology Unit at EMBL and Professor of Genetics at Stanford, Lars is the primary link between the two institutions. We caught up with him to hear more about his joint career, the benefits of transatlantic collaborations and what we are looking for in a bridging excellence fellow.


 The first joint EMBL | Stanford workshop in Structural Biology.

Researchers from Stanford and 3 EMBL sites came together to talk and think about common opportunities and challenges in the field, as well as discuss plans for future collaborations.

Kipoi provides centralised access to standardised machine learning models.

A new repository from the Stegle, Kundaje and Gagneur Labs provides free centralised access to machine learning models trained on genomic data.

Biologist + Statistician = interdisciplinary science at its best.

Susan Holmes visited EMBL for her Distinguished Visitor Lecture. We took this opportunity to speak to Susan and Wolfgang Huber about their joint research, their new book Modern Statistics for Modern Biology and the benefits of a Stanford-EMBL alliance.

Collaborating to cure rare disease.

We caught up with two of our postdocs from the Bertozzi and Steinmetz labs who are working on the project dissecting NGLY1 deficiency. They talk to us about their work on the project, tips for collaboration and how it will play a role in their future careers.