Members of the Life Science Alliance


At the core of the Alliance are our Members  - faculty from EMBL and the Stanford University School of Medicine. Their combined expertise spans a broad spectrum of life science research from structural biology and bioinformatics, to chemistry, imaging and genomics. They are committed to the exchange of information to solve complex biomedical challenges together

View their research interests and collaborations below.

Monther Abu-Remaileh


Alexander Aulehla


Theodore Alexandrov


Alex Bateman


ncRNA annotation (with Mike Cherry)

Carolyn Bertozzi


Dissecting NGLY1 deficiency (with Lars Steinmetz)

Maria Bernabeu


Functional characterization of host determinants of malaria infection (with Elizabeth Egan)

Ami Bhatt


Developing global interaction networks of microbiome-encoded genes (with Peer Bork)

Vivek Bhalla

Research Interests:

Using and developing innovative methodologies to discover novel molecular mechanisms and therapies for kidney health.

Matthieu Boulard

Research Interests:

Molecular basis of chromatin-based silencing and cellular readout of cytosine methylation.

Peer Bork


Developing global interaction networks of microbiome-encoded genes (with Ami Bhatt)

Howard Chang


Mike Cherry


ncRNA annotation (with Alex Bateman) 

Wah Chiu

Research Interests:

The development of cryo-EM methodology to determine 3D cellular structures. We also work on the EMDataResource which is an open access database for 3D EM for developing software, data standards and validation methods.

Isidro Cortes Ciriano


Markus Covert


Integrative model of human cell signalling (with Evangelia Petsalaki)

Christina Curtis


Martha Cyert

Research Interests:

Discovering new calcium-dependent signaling pathways in humans that are regulated by the calcineurin protein phosphatase

Ron Davis


Personalizing dilated cardiomyopathy (with Lars Steinmetz & Utkan Demirci)

Utkan Demirci


Personalizing dilated cardiomyopathy (with Lars Steinmetz & Ron Davis)

Claire Deo

Research Interests:

Developing novel molecular tools for advanced biological imaging by combining synthetic chemistry and protein engineering

Gautam Dey

José Dinneny

Research Interests:

Understanding the response of roots to water-limiting conditions and across different organizational scales from the individual cell type to the whole plant.

Olivier Duss

Research Interests:

Assembly mechanisms and function of protein-RNA complexes at the single-molecule level

Elizabeth Egan


Functional characterization of host determinants of malaria infection (with Maria Bernabeu)

Jan Ellenberg


Advancing imaging technology (with Tobias Meyer)

Anna Erzberger

Dean Felsher

Research Interests:

How oncogenes initiate and sustain tumorigenesis including: how oncogene activation causes tumor regression, and how tumors escape dependence on oncogenes.

James Ferrell

Judith Frydman

Research Intersets:

Understanding protein folding including: function and mechanism of chaperones, chaperone networks, ribosome biogenesis, co-translational folding, protein folding homeostasis, misfolding and aggregation disease.

Margaret Fuller

Research Interests:

Regulation of self-renewal, proliferation and differentiation in adult stem cell lineages: including regulation of cell type specific transcription programs, cell-cell communication, and the role of differential mRNA processing and translational control in progression from one cell state to the next.

Eileen Furlong

Research Interests:

Genome regulation and topology during embryonic development including: chromatin topology, chromatin remodelling during cell fate decisions, variation and plasticity in regulatory networks, developmental enhancers, and single cell genomics.

Andrew Gentles

Research Interests:

Computational approaches to understand biological systems using genomic and proteomic data across populations. Most of our work is in cancer and neurodegenerative disease, but we love to hear about any interesting questions!

Miriam Goodman

Research Interests:

Deciphering the molecular events responsible for touch, pain, and position sensation in C. elegans.

Jamie Hackett

Research Interests:

Understanding the mechanistic interplay between genome regulation, chromatin and environmental cues (microbiome), with emphasis on intergenerational effects

Matthias Hentze

Research Interests:

Using biochemical and systems-level approaches to investigate the connections between gene expression and cell metabolism, and their roles in human disease.

Edith Heard

Keith Hodgson


Integrated structural biology (with Matthias Wilmanns)

Susan Holmes


Modern statistics for modern biology (with Wolfgang Huber)

KC Huang

Wolfgang Huber


Modern statistics for modern biology (with Susan Holmes)

Ruth Huettenhain

(incoming faculty at Stanford, 2023)

Research interests:

How G protein-coupled receptors decode extracellular cues into dynamic and context-specific cellular signaling networks to elicit diverse physiologic responses

Maya Kasowski

Teri Klein


Pharmacogenomic network analyses in diverse population datasets (with Ellie McDonagh)

Arnaud Krebs


Transcription Factor cooperativity atlas (with Anshul Kundaje)

Jan Korbel


Somatic mosaicisms with Alex Urban

Brian Kobilka

Research interests: 

Characterizing the structure and mechanism of G-Protein Coupled Receptors (GPCRs).

Anshul Kundaje

Jin Billy Li

Research Interests:

RNA editing. We are interested in ADAR-mediated RNA editing, for both its biological function in dsRNA-mediated innate immunity and its utility as a tool for transcriptome engineering.

Julia Mahamid

Research Interests:

We employ state-of-the-art cellular cryo-electron tomography to study phase-separated assemblies in cell biology and to advance our understanding of the molecular organization of the cytoplasm.

José Márquez

Research Interest:

We develop methods and software for high-throughput, automated crystallography and use them to study the structure of sensing and signalling molecules.

Ellie McDonagh

Project: Pharmacogenomic network analyses in diverse population datasets (with Teri Klein)

Tobias Meyer


Advancing imaging technology (with Jan Ellenberg)

Stephen Montgomery

Victoria Parikh


Personalizing dilated cardiomyopathy (with Lars Steinmetz)

Evangelia Petsalaki


Integrative model of human cell signalling (with Markus Covert)

Robert Prevedel

Research Interests:

Advanced optical techniques for deep tissue microscopy. In particular, we work in the fields of multi-photon microscopy, active wave-front shaping, photo-acoustics as well as computational imaging. Looking for collaboration in cell & developmental biology and neuroscience, where our novel imaging approaches can give new insights.

Marlene Rabinovitch


Multiomics for pulmonary hypertension (with Judith Zaugg)

Georgia Rapti

Research Interests: 

Dissecting the cellular and molecular mechanisms of nervous system assembly and the underlying glia–neuron crosstalk, using advanced genetics, genomics and live imaging approaches.

Kacper Rogala

Research Interest:

Mechanistic understanding of how cells control metabolism in response to nutrients and growth factors, and ways to modulate these activities with chemical probes — for the benefit of patients.

Santiago Rompani

Research Interests: 

Studying the function of visual circuits using functional imaging, genetics, virology and behavioural assays.

Mikhail Savitski

Sinem Saka

Gavin Sherlock

Yiorgo Skiniotis

Research Interests: 

Developing a mechanistic understanding of signal translation at the cell membrane using structural biology, biochemistry and simulation methods

Mike Snyder


Genetic regulation of chromatin (with Judith Zaugg)

Oliver Stegle

Lars Steinmetz


Personalizing dilated cardiomyopathy (with Ron Davis & Utkan Demirci)

Dissecting NGLY1 deficiency (with Carolyn Bertozzi)

Aaron Straight

Research Interests: 

Understanding the mechanisms that ensure high fidelity genome maintenance and segregation in eukaryotes including: chromosome biology, cell division and chromatin structure.

Katrin Svensson

Nassos Typas

Alex Urban


Somatic mosaicisms (with Jan Korbel)

Kevin Wang

Research Interests:

Gene expression and epigenetics: how DNA methylation, chromatin modifications, and RNA influence chromatin dynamics to affect gene regulation.

Matthias Wilmanns


Integrated structural biology (with Keith Hodgson)

Peter Yang

Research interests:

Developing bio-inspired biomaterials and platform technologies to engineer tissues and organs

Judith Zaugg


Using scMulti-omics to probe clinical outcome of child leukemia treatment (with Maya Kasowski)

Multiomics for pulmonary hypertension (with Marlene Rabinovitch)

Genetic regulation of chromatin (with Mike Snyder)