Use the Letter Project form to complete your Advance Directives in Minutes!

Every adult should complete advance directives..... and most would, if they could! Sadly, many take one look at the advance directive form and give up after the first two minutes of trying to decipher the medico-legal jargon. At least, that is what we have found in our extensive research interviews with numerous multi-ethnic, multi-lingual patients and families from diverse backgrounds. In fact, no one is immune to the medico-legalese rampant in the advance directive form. 

Here is a simple and innovative solution:

Step 1: Answer some simple questions in English to reflect your values and preferences for care

Step 2: After you complete, click print and wait for the magic to happen

Step 3: Your pre-filled advance directive will be available to you and a letter from you to your doctor describing your values and preferences

Step 4: Review, edit, copy, print, save your advance directive

Step 5: When you are ready to seal the deal, sign it and ask two of your friends to witness your signature. If three people each fill out their forms, you can witness each others advance directives 

Step 6: Send a copies to your doctor, family and friends. This could be the most precious (and totally free) gift you could give yourself and  to your loved ones. Few minutes of your time now to complete your directive will prevent tons of angst and heartache

Get your Advance Care Directive done today!

Frequently asked questions:

1. Is there a cost?

Nope! It is a totally free service brought to you by the Periyakoil lab at Stanford. 

2. Are you saving my information?

Nope! We cannot and do not save anything on our computers and will never do so without your written consent. We have no need for your advance directive. It is actually menat for you and your family.

3. Where the form link?

Link to Advance Care Directive

4. Who should complete an advance directive?

Any one who is 18 years or over

5. Can I do this later?

Sure, you could if procrastination is your super-power.