Bucket List Toolkit

Bucket List Toolkit PDF will help you start your bucket list today! 

When should I create my bucket list?

You should write your bucket list today. It is very simple-- what are some specific things you want to accomplish or experiences you want to have this year?

Can I list all my fantasies on my bucket list?

You could do that. However, we recommend that you have a nice blend of short and long term goals and desires on your bucket list.  Some of them should be easy to achieve and others not so much. This way, you can have some easy wins that will motivate you to commit effort to achieving the more difficult items on your bucket list. 

How long should my bucket list be? 

Limit to about three to five items. If you have too many items on your bucket list, you will never get to it. Instead, keep it short and sweet. As you check of items on your bucket list, you can add new items.

Can a bucket list be updated ?

Absolutely! We recommend make your bucket list on a specific date -- e.g. on your birthday-- and spend the next year checking off one item after another. On your next birthday, review the previous year's bucket list and update it. Your bucket list is not a static list of impossible fantasies. Rather, it is a 'value map' for your future your life  milestones and acomplishments, 

Should I share my bucket list?

People often have bucket list items that involve their loved ones. For example, you may want to accomplish a difficult goal and need help from your friends and family to support you in doing so. 

Should I tell my doctor about my bucket list?

Your bucket list can serve as a roadmap and help your doctor provide personalized care. Many people have health related goals on their bucket list. If you share your goals with your doctor, they can help you with it. For example, if you want to quit smoking or try a specific diet, discussing these with your primary care doctor will be helpful.

If you are a person with a chronic illness, discuss your bucket list with your doctor. Ask your doctor what you need to know about your health and illnesses and if they will prevent you from reaching your goals. Especially ask them about if any treatments they are proposing will prevent you from living your life as you wish to.