Continuity Clinics

Most continuity clinics are held at the Stanford Cancer Center. Hematology continuity fellows are assigned to the hematology clinic for one half-day and have the opportunity for continuity with multiple attendings. Oncology continuity fellows are assigned to a specific attending. First-year fellows are assigned to clinics to maximize clinical exposure, and senior fellows are able to request specific clinic assignments. Senior fellows also have the option for hematology or oncology continuity clinics at the Palo Alto VA.

All fellows are expected to participate in a continuity clinic, regardless of year of training. Fellows participate in two half-day continuity clinics during clinical rotations and a minimum of one half-day continuity clinic during the research years, though many fellows elect to participate in more. Pathway fellows participate in two full-day continuity clinics during the research years.

At Stanford Cancer Center, continuity fellows are expected to see the new patients as well as see those same patients in follow-up. At the VA, continuity fellows have dedicated fellow templates.