Current Issues in Genetics (CIG)

2020 - 2021

Date Speaker Title
 Fall 2020
Sep 18 Kevin Van Bortle Snyder Lab A switch in RNA polymerase III identity underlies dynamic transcription potential during cellular differentiation
Sep 18 Anne Brunet Michele and Timothy Barakett Endowed Professor University - Faculty Single cell analysis of inflammation and immune cell infiltration in the aging brain
Sep 25 ChaRandle Jordan Physician and M.D./Ph.D. Department alumnus Reflections on Graduate School and Beyond
Sep 25 Anshul Kundaje Assistant Professor of Genetics and of Computer Science Alternative combinatorial binding modes of C2H2 zinc finger transcription factors
Oct 2 Abbey Thompson Director, Educational Outreach Genetics at The Tech Interactive: Informal education during a pandemic
Oct 2 Theo Susanto Barna Lab Rapid enrichment of ribosome-associated proteins across cell types, tissues, and species
Oct 9 MaryAnn Campion Clinical Associate Professor, Co-Director, MS Program in Human Genetics & Genetic Counseling Increasing Engagement and Inclusion: Lessons from the Genetic Counseling field
Oct 9 Nathan Abell Montgomery Lab The Landscape of High-Resolution Allele-Specific Expression in the eGTEx Consortium and an Ovarian Cancer Cohort
Oct 16 Graham Irwin Snyder Lab Searching Beyond the Streetlamp: Recurrent Repeat Expansions in Cancer Genomes
Oct 16 Jennifer Doherty The Wellness Team on Mental Health & Resources Mental Health and Wellness in Grad School
Oct 30 Maria Barna Associate Professor of Genetics Ribosomes in gene regulation: controlling the diversity of proteins made in specific cells, tissues, and organisms
Oct 30 Kay Kobak Baker Lab Generating and Harnessing a Robust Placental Epigenome
Nov 13 Jin Billy Li Associate Professor of Genetics RNA Editing and Innate Immunity
Nov 13 Kathryn Ribay Graduate School of Education Ph.D. candidate  Moving from antiracist talk to antiracist action: Research-backed strategies from education
Nov 20 Hannah De Jong Ashley Lab Tying human and viral genomic variation to disease phenotypes
Nov 20 Hua Tang Professor of Genetics The Genetics of Protein Abundance in Human Tissues
Dec 4 Nathan Abell Montgomery Lab The Landscape of High-Resolution Allele-Specific Expression in the eGTEx Consortium and an Ovarian Cancer Cohort
Dec 4 Douglas Vollrath Associate Professor of Genetics Assisted Living in the Outer Retina
Dec 11 Hiro Nakauchi Professor of Genetics - Stem Cell Cell competition vs complementation: Modulating cell competition in chimeras
Dec 11 Adam Reeves Brunet Lab Let's Experiment! Adapting Science Curriculum for Younger Audiences
 Winter 2021
Jan 15 Alex Colville Rando Lab Dissecting cellular senescence with genetic screens
Jan 15 David Lipman Founding Director, National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) Genomics for Food Safety & A resource for studying short term evolution
Jan 22 Nasa Sinnott-Armstrong Pritchard Lab Mechanisms underlying environmental and genetic control of cardiometabolic disease
Jan 22 Julia Salzman Associate Professor of Biochemistry and of Biomedical Data Science Splicing at single cell resolution
Jan 29 Alissa Lehr Severson Rosenberg Lab The Genetic context, continuity, and change in an Indigenous population of California as inferred from ancient and modern genomes
Jan 29 Lamia Wahba Fire Lab An essential role for the piRNA pathway in regulating the ribosomal RNA pool in C. elegans
Feb 5 John Gorzynski Ashley & Priest Labs Ultra-Rapid Long Read Genome Sequencing: Quickly identifying genetic etiology of disease
Feb 5 Cynthia Nguyen Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor Difficult conversations:  A cross-cultural approach to conflict resolution
Feb 12 Olivia de Goede Kirkegaard & Montogomery Labs Examining the potential for cis-natural antisense transcripts to trigger endogenous immune responses
Feb 12 Daphne Martschenko Research Fellow at the Stanford Center for Biomedical Ethics, a BioFutures Fellow in the Stanford Department of BioEngineering, and co-founder of the international Race, Empire, and Education Research Collective Gatekeeping in Genetics: Shifting the Priorities of the Research Enterprise
Feb 19 Josh Tycko Bassik & Bintu Labs Context-specificity of human transcriptional effectors
Feb 19 Anna Gloyn Professor of Pediatrics & by Courtesy of Genetics Associate Chair for Basic Science Research Mining Type 2 Diabetes GWAS for Gold : Drilling down on mechanisms for pancreatic islet cell dysfunction
Feb 26 David Yao Bassik Lab Systematic characterization of candidate cis-regulatory elements with phenotype-driven CRISPR screens
Feb 26 Ragini Phansalkar Red-Horse lab Convergent differentiation in coronary blood vessels
Mar 12 Robert Coukos Ting Lab High-throughput investigation of protein localization and  protein-protein interaction with a light-gated transcriptional reporter
Mar 12 Casey Gifford Assistant Professor of Pediatrics (Cardiology) and, by courtesy, of Genetics Getting to the heart of the matter: complex genetics and congenital heart disease
Mar 19 Laura Donohue Khavari Lab Leveraging genome-wide mapping of regulatory landscapes to identify combinatorial TF vocabularies in health and disease
Mar 19 David George Gennert Chang Lab The dynamic chromatin landscape of CAR T cell exhaustion
Mar 26 Matthew Buckley Brunet Lab Cell type-specific aging clocks quantify rejuvenation of neurogenic niche
 Spring 2021
Apr 9 Kelsey Fryer Straight Lab Investigating the role of chromatin associated RNAs in centromere maintenance
Apr 9 Michael Snyder Stanford W. Ascherman, MD, FACS, Professor in Genetics Big Data, Health and COVID-19
Apr 16 Adam Reeves Brunet Lab Evolution of diapause in the African killifish by remodeling of ancient gene regulatory landscapes
Apr 16 Stephen Boeynaems Gitler Lab Phase separation as a common killing strategy of bioactive peptides
Apr 23 Ben Siranosian Bhatt Lab Rare transmission of commensal and pathogenic bacteria in the gut microbiome of hospitalized adults
Apr 23 Nicholas Hughes Cong & Winslow Labs A machine learning optimized Cas12a barcode system enables recovery of single-cell lineages and transcriptional profiles
Apr 30 Rebecca Culver Huang Lab Colons or semi-colons? Punctuating the composition of microbial communities throughout the human gastrointestinal tract
Apr 30 Alex Kern Fraser Lab Characterizing Selection on the Ergosterol Pathway Through Targeted Metabolomics and Precision Genome Editing
May 7 Nicole Gay Montgomery Lab Multiomic systemic response to endurance exercise training in rats
May 7 Katelyn McKown Bergmann Lab Divergent roles of stomatal identity gene FAMA in Arabidopsis and Brachypodium stomatal development