About the Program

Genome Science Training Program

The Stanford Genome Training Program began in late 1995 as one of the first such groups funded by the NHGRI. This is a broad interdisciplinary program for training Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows. Our mission has been to provide coordination of the already existing, widely dispersed genomics activities on campus, while also providing mechanisms to involve new laboratories, increase awareness of genomic research and opportunities, build administrative and outreach infrastructure, and help to disseminate the information and resources being generated by the Genome Project and the many other large initiatives funded by NHGRI (e.g. ENCODE, ClinGen, GTEx) and related institutes (e.g., NCI, NHLBI, NIDDK; iHMP). We believe that a formalized program for training Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows in genomics not only helps prepare a generation of new scientists for the future, but is also a strong catalyst for encouraging interactions and collaborations between faculty and helping to disseminate the genomics activities, which by its very nature is highly interactive. We also have a strong emphasis on quantitative methods and programming and require students to take programming and statistics coursework.