Frontiers in BIology

2020 - 2021

Date Speaker Title
 Fall 2020
Sep 23 Yin Shen UCSF Charting the 3D epigenome in brain development andneuropsychiatric diseases 
Sep 30 Raj Rohatgi Stanford Hedgehog signaling: newmechanisms reveal new biology 
Oct 7 Diane Shakes College of William & Mary From skewed sex ratios to cracking the meiotic secrets of agenetic law-breaker 
Oct 14 Gisela Storz NIH Genes within genes
Oct 21 Silvi Rouskin Whitehead Institute, MIT Regulation of alternative splicing byRNA structure 
Oct 28 Sarah Zanders Stowers wtf gamete killing meiotic drive
Nov 11 Ron Davis Stanford Progress and Challenges for a Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/ChronicFatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS)Diagnostic 
Nov 18 Katharine Ullman Huntsman Cancer Institute Membrane remodeling during celldivision: roles and regulation of the ESCRT pathway 
Dec 2 Kornelia Polyak Harvard Heterogeneity in breast cancer
Dec 9 Lynda Stuart Gates Foundation Title Pending
 Winter 2021
Jan 13 James Nunez UCSF Programmable transcriptional memoryby CRISPR-based epigenome editing 
Jan 20 Jacquin Niles MIT Chemical-genetics applied to target-based drug discovery in malaria
Jan 27 Eric Haag University of Maryland

Using Caenorhabditis nematodes to reveal the impacts of sexual mode on cells, genomes and species

Feb 3 Ralph DeBerardinis UTSW Title pending
Feb 10 Luciano Marraffini Rockafeller CRISPR-Cas13 immunity: sacrificingthe host for the population 
Mar 3 Maria Elena Torres-Padilla Helmholtz Zentrum, Germany Epigenetic mechanisms of cellular plasticity and reprogramming  tototipotency 
Mar 10 Irene Miguel-Aliaga MRC Imperial College Sex and reproductive differences  inintestinal plasticity
Mar 17 Cliff Tabin Harvard Vignettes from a dev bio/evodevo lab: What makes a limb cell a limb cell? And How did birds evolve the capacity to vocalize?
Mar 24 Meng Wang Baylor College of Medicine Title pending
 Spring 2021
Mar 31 Derk ten Berge Erasmus Medical Center Slicing up the pluripotency spectrum - how pluripotent state transitions drive embryo morphogenesis
Apr 7 Paul Turner Yale University Phage therapy to combat infections by antibiotic-resistant bacterial pathogens
Apr 14 Gustavo Silva Duke University K63 ubiquitin and the regulation of translation during oxidative stress
Apr 21 Maria Elena Torres-Padilla Helmholtz Zentrum, Germany Epigenetic mechanisms of cellular plasticity and reprogramming to totipotency
Apr 28 Anshul Kundage Stanford University Title pending
May 5 Levi Garraway Genentech Frontiers in theraputic development
May 12 Karine Gibbs UC Berkeley Micro-crowdsourcing: How a swarming bacterial pathogen uses a local sense of identity to assemble and move as a community
May 19     Title pending
May 26 Huda Zoghbi Baylor College of Medicine Epigenetics and Brain Plasticity: Lessons from Rett Syndrome and other MECP2 disorders
Jun 2 Georgia Panagiotakos UCSF O Ca(2+)ptain! My Ca(2+)ptain! Dynamic regulation of intracellular signaling during cortical development