Coterminal MS Program


We accept applications to the co-terminal Masters program annually by April 10 of the student’s junior or senior year for admission the following fall. Undergraduates must complete 120 units before they can apply for the co-terminal program. Under unusual circumstances you may petition to have the Epidemiology Admissions committee review your application after the deadline for applications has passed, but you must have all your application materials completely prepared. If you lose your undergraduate status prior to the completion of the application for the co-terminal MS, you must apply as a regular candidate to the masters program.

The MS Epidemiology & Clinical Research program will only matriculate students into the Autumn quarter terms. The deadline to apply for the coterm program is TuesdayFebruary 6, 2024

*This is the FINAL DEADLINE and all application materials, including letters of recommendation, should be received by the department by this date.

Application Procedure

  1. Fill out a Coterm Application.
  2. Submit your academic resume or curriculum vitae.
  3. Submit a one page Statement of Purpose describing how and why the Epidemiology masters program is well matched to your interests.
  4. Submit three letters of recommendation (see below).
  5. Submit Stanford transcript.
  • GRE Scores – GRE scores are recommended but not required for co-term applications (but may be requested by the admissions committee for students who have relatively little prior coursework in quantitative courses).  If you have taken the GRE, please include your scores in the application.  For those reporting GRE scores, official test scores must be reported directly to Stanford from Educational Testing Service (ETS).  Stanford’s ETS institutional code is 4704; an individual department code number is not necessary.  Please be sure to list Stanford University as a Score Recipient in addition to listing it as your Graduate Institution (GI).
  • Applicants to the Coterminal MS programs are not required to submit TOEFL score.

Applicants are required to submit three letters of recommendation but you may submit more if you feel this enhances your chances of admission. Two letters should be from your current department faculty or EPH faculty and one from your academic advisor.

Contact Info

Decisions and Acceptances

Applicants can expect to receive a decision by Mid April, 2023

Please note that the MS Epidemiology and Clinical Research program does not permit coterm deferrals.

Getting an Advisor

Upon acceptance into the program, you will be assigned a course advisor. You will revise your Program Proposal at this time. Please visit Coterminal Degrees at Stanford page for information about your co-terminal status between acceptance and your first appointment with your course advisor.


MS Epidemiology & Clinical Research coterminal students may transfer courses to the MS program going back to Autumn quarter of student's sophomore year.

In the MS Epi coterm program, courses taken during or after the first quarter of the sophomore year are eligible for consideration for transfer to the graduate career; the timing of the first graduate quarter is not a factor.  No courses taken poior to the first quarter of the sophomore year may be used to meet master's degree requirements. Please see Quarters Back rules here: