MS in Epidemiology and Clinical Research

Education Handbook

Dear Students,

It is my hope that this handbook will be a valuable resource for degree program information and staff/leadership support as you pursue your MS and PhD degrees and graduate certificates with us, and that it will provide answers to some of the important program- related questions that arise in the future.

Having said that, the outstanding members of the department’s educational programs team and I are more than happy to speak with you about the content included in these pages. Our Educational Program Manager extraordinaire, Rachel Pham (, is an expert on all our training programs, and I know she would be happy to provide guidance and support as needed. Finally, I want to express how critical our students are to our department and the larger epidemiological community. You are the lifeblood of the department and the future of the field. If there is anything more we can do to support you, I hope you will feel comfortable letting us know.

Warmest regards and best wishes for your time at Stanford’s School of Medicine,

Melissa Bondy
Chair, Epidemiology and Population Health